The Impossible Shapes

The Impossible Shapes

Equally inspired by lo-fi indie rockers such as Guided by Voices and psychedelic popsters such as Olivia Tremor Control and Apples in Stereo, Bloomington, IN's the Impossible Shapes began playing and recording together before they were old enough to drink.
Formed in 1998 the Shapes -- Chris Barth (guitar, vocalist), Aaron Deer (organ, bass) Jason Groth (guitar) and Mark Rice (drums) -- have kept a profoundly articulate sense of classic song/dream structure whether they are billowing in drenched multi-tacked gauze like Indianapolis forefathers Zerfas or snarled in amp-buzz annihilation of power-quartet stage performances. On the flip, Barth can pixie dance from guitar play/vocal slay in a quaint yet sexually sly role of piper against Deer's counterpoint-heavy arrangements of tape-spliced fuckery. Like meat-pulp quicksand, they pull you deep in.

Everything, Now!

Everything, Now! is now a 4-man Indiana-based psychedelic collective, whose songs toe the hazy line between Bowie & Beefheart, Prince & Primitive Blues, Brian Wilson & Wilson Pickett. The band originally started out with a much larger cast of players, sometimes numbering up to ten people on the stage. Everything, Now! incorporates multi-sensory aspects in their live performances, and it is not at all out of the ordinary for the band to, say, grill vegetables on stage while performing to hand out to the audience or invite friends to dawn costumes and dance on stage. An Everything, Now! live performance is a visceral, sensory treat.

They are a perpetually shape-shifting, standard song format-denying, reality-altering, energetic & member-changing live act dedicated to traveling the States (and beyond?!?) to bring you their vision of soul.

And it’s all DIY.

The band has released five and a half recordings through many different labels: Police, Police! and the Everything, Now! / Everthus the Deadbeats split 12” on Standard Recording Company and a vinyl re-issue of Sunshine of Doom on St. Ives), in addition to the legendary Bible Universe and Ugly Magic sisters. The latest favorite is called Spatially Severed the first album in a new trilogy, released on Holy Infinite Freedom Revival and MFT Records.

The Coke Dares

The Three men of The Coke Dares like to play music. They have a lot of songs too. They aren't political, but they are egalitarian-so they all sing. They take turns and they sing at the same time. Jason Mark and Pete play 25 songs in one set! But it doesn'tr take long because the songs are short-Some are really short. Short, but they're full songs - with lyrics - lots of lyrics. These guys will sing about anything from signing contracts to chasing rats. Variety. Spice of life. Freedom of choice. Optimism. Bad attitudes. American Midwest. Bloomington IN to be exact.

The Coke Dares drive a Chevy and when they do they turn the radio to classic rock. Then they throw in a wipers tape. And then maybe Alien Lanes. To sound like a well oiled roclk machine you gotta oil that sucker and keep it firing. 10W-40 or whatever you got on the shelf. The fellas Aren't exclusive., neither. They are also the big block rhythm section of the Magnolia Electric Co. They also lend their skills to the Impossible Shapes and previously John Wilkes Booze, Panoply Academy, Scout Niblett, Jen Lekman etc. The Coke Dares keep busy. The throttle sticks. No time for the shop. Record an album after work. This song hurts my leg


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