Netherfriends is the never ending touring and recording one man band machine. A rare loop pedal dude who doesn't just get
louder and thicker but opts instead to weave elaborate, beautiful pop
songs overflowing with hooks and sentimentality. About 4 minutes into
his set, when he starts dancing like James Brown, you'll be hooked for
life. Netherfriends (AKA Shawn Rosenblatt) recently finished a year long project where he wrote and recorded a song and performed in all 50 states. (Neil from Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt wrote some of that. Thanks Neil.)

Chandler London

As a Hip Hop artist representing the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, Chandler London is a passionate Emcee determined to share his vision with the world. With initial influences stemming from Ritchie Valens and the raw energy seen in DMX's Ruff Ryders' Anthem, Chandler has found new inspiration within acts such as Jay Z, Andre 3000, Ghostface Killah and Big Pun. His sound is rooted in authenticity
, being one who writes lyrics in his head opposed to the pen and pad; he's meticulous in the construction of a song, which produces an honest and relatable dynamic to the music. Chandler's rhymes channel insight from past and current experiences, while utilizing Synesthesia (the ability to see sound) in his creative process that helps him become closer to his music, saying he needs to, "Listen to the beat, the words are there, I've just got to find them."

En route to recording a project alongside Stefan Ponce called 'The Science of Sleep', Chandler's future plans is to find longevity in creating music, while exploring new avenues to showcase his talent and skills on the Mic.

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