Bill Patrick (Supplement Facts / NYC) - Dj M3 (green gorilla/sleight of hands)

Bill Patrick

In America, specifically NYC, Bill Patrick is a man of many accolades... Since his days as a DJ in legendary clubs such as The Limelight, Vinyl & Arc, he has charmed our hearts and moved our bodies. Not to mention being co-founder of the famed Robots parties and amusing us weekly as Robot Radio's alluring and witty host. Within the world of electronic music everyone has a tale about our friend Bill Patrick. Some funny, some sad, some tragic, most shady, but at the end of each story or any encounter with this demi god your left wanting more.

In 2008, this mythical creature, who by chance was reborn a man, relocated to Berlin. Why? Few know. Some say it was in search of gold, some suggest it was out of self loathing, those in his inner circle say it was to be closer to them. He says it was to challenge the European state of mind and how sexually active they, as a people, can become. In any event all legend and lore were left behind. So where has that left this man, this nu-romantic? I'll tell you, striving to be more. It doesn't matter that the only place he now plays are mega festivals like Sunwaves in Romania, or super clubs like DC10, Fabric, Cocoon and Kristal club,for those in the know. He wants to step out of his box and come to you, to educate the minds of the world with his deep, psychedelic take on contemporary dance music. With the help of his unwavering comrades; Lee Burridge, Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves, he is destined to thrive!

DJ M3 aka Manny is a major influence in SF’s music scene. Launching the Green Gorilla Lounge and record label in the 90s, which organized and played many of SF’s most notable underground events. Manny was soul proprietor of Lower Haight’s vinyl music boutique ‘Black Pancakes’, which led to the opening of the The Triple Crown nightclub.
And now his most recent collaborative music project Sleight of Hands. Now with Monarch, Great Northern, GGL Label DJ M3 continues to move San Francisco and looks forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

Trey Courtney

With a diverse musical background as a musician playing piano and drums in several rock bands and a Bachelors degree in Music Synthesis from Berklee College of Music, Trey continues to push beyond the musical boundaries in the studio and on stage as a DJ and live electronic musician.

Initially working as a sound designer, drummer, and composer for various bands, music software companies, ad agencies, and fashion brands; Trey shifted gears to pursue his passion for DJ’ing and producing his own diverse blend of dark, groovy, melodic, psychedelic, Deep House, Tech House and Techno.

With impressive opening sets for the likes of Art Department, Hot Since 82, Dave Seaman, Hector, Bill Patrick, Yousef, Magda, Robert Babicz, Behrouz, Droog, and many others; Trey continues to heat up nightclubs, festivals, and underground parties throughout the world. His most recent performance was at the 2017 Apparitions Festival in Todos Santos , Mexico.

Trey also has numerous remixes and original tracks released with the San Francisco based label Mioli Music and the newly formed Way Music label out of Germany.

Be on the lookout for more gigs, sets and releases by Trey Courtney in the coming months.

Fil Latorre

Fil Latorre is a San Francisco-based DJ and producer, who has been on the electronic music scene since 1993. Less than a year after stepping behind the turntables, he won the first annual Fever/Buzz Battle of the DJs in Baltimore, Maryland. Since then, he has played at events throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South America . Fil is the co-founder of Washington D.C.'s Dirty Crew, as well as San Francisco's acclaimed Stap[e. Not pinning himself to one distinct style, Fil has sifted through a mosaic of influences, from classic jazz and obscure '80s Italo-disco, to create a soulful, deep techno and house sound.

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