Eternium, Voyage Of Slaves, Savage Seduction, Ode Vinter, Animated Dead, Rotted Brainyard

Eternium started out in the thoughts of 16-year old, Markov Soroka. With the self-financed "Aura Titian" demo recorded and heard by many ears, Markov was ready to recruit live and collaborative members. Whilst writing the entire full length by himself, Markov needed to find players for future collaboration and live shows.

After various trials, relocation, Eternium found a steady line up:

Markov Soroka - Guitars/Vocals
Brent Dossett - Bass/Vocals
Gabe Price - Guitars/Vocals
Chad Griffin - Keyboards/Vocals
Cole Sandel - Drums/Orchestral Percussion

Eternium is Symphonic Black/Death metal that is strongly influenced by Melodic Black and Death metal, and orchestral compositions. If compared to artists, Eternium can be compared to Emperor, Sacramentum, Dissection, Amon Amarth, and Sacrilege.

The music itself is very story-driven. All of the lyrics and compositions are a sort of "soundtrack" to a story of Markov's, regarding Auras, Creation, Death, and the general story of Titian, Amethyst, and Eternium, the solar giant of creation.

The full length is currently in pre-production, and little details have been disclosed thus far. We are hoping to release it sometime in early 2013, but as we all know, things sometimes may not go as according to plan or how we want. We are doing our best, and we are solely self-financed.

We are looking for labels in the future, but of course, we will submit physical material when we are ready. Thanks for all the support and attention from all the loyal fans.

Voyage Of Slaves

Voyage of Slaves was formed by guitarist/vocalist Dean Dokken, bassist John Fronza, guitarist Johnathan Hernandez and drummer Rob Waller in Paducah, Kentucky in 2008. The four piece invaded the local scene for the following year and released their first self titled demo in 2009. Shortly after, Voyage of Slaves went through a number of member changes and Rob and Johnathan dropped. This caused the band to go into hiatus until December of 2010 when dummer Jon Grace and guitarist/vocalist Dave Palenske joined. For the rest of 2011 the band began writing an extensive catalog of new material and played across the east coast of the US opening for heavy-weights such as Obituary, Deicide, Revocation, Nasty Savage, and Beast in the Field. Fast forward to 2012 the band is fresh off of their first EP, "Victorious" and ready to put out their sophomore release entitled "Forged Beneath The Frost".

Savage Seduction

Animated Dead

The band was formed in 1990 as a quartet Spence Riggle - bass/vocals, Rik Geib -guitars, Todd Donaldson - guitars and Pete Smith drums . The first release demo was “Animation of the Dead” in 1991. They sold out of this self-release. Animated played throughout the Midwest and built a strong fan base in the metal underground.
In 1994 the band parted ways due to line up changes and musical differences. In 2001 founding members Spence Riggle and Rik Geib reanimated the band adding new drummer Jeff Riggle and x-Cicatrix guitarist Chris Beneke. With a new solid line up the band started writing new material and reconstructing the old songs .
In 2002 they hit the studio and released 5 song demo “Blasphemous Grinding Bliss”. Following in 2003 the band released “ Live of the Dead” this self-release catches the fury of the band live, including 10 brutal tracks of raw intensity.
In June of 2003 guitarist Chris Beneke parted ways to pursue other projects. The band remained a 3 piece and started working on new material. With the band more focused and tighter on this line up , They entered Red Light Studio’s in St Louis, Mo. in December to record a 4 song demo “ Dead to the Followers’, Which was released in 2004.
The demo included tracks: Bloodborn, Parasitic, Breed of Suffering and Dead to the Followers.
In the spring of 2005 the band went through some lineup changes. Guitarist Rik Geib parted ways and Spence Riggle moved over to guitar/vocals. The band immediately recruited bass player Joe Hoffman from a hardcore band called Omerta.
After recruiting a new bass player the band released five song demo called “Etching the Flesh” in 2006.
Animated is currently working on new material for a 2012 release and grinding up the Midwest.
The music of Animated Dead offers intense grinding death metal with a taste of thrash and old school death metal. Animated Dead has opened for such acts as: Death, Gorefest, Sacrifice, Phobia, Fuck the Facts, Bongzilla , All That Remains, Prong, Impaler, Waco Jesus, Anal Blast, Lividity, Deaden, Putrid Pile,Embalmer,Wormrot and Landmine Marathon…………

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