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Billy Woods

billy woods is a rapper who defies easy categorization; he claims Washington D.C. as his hometown but has spent much of his life in New York City. He was born in the U.S. but spent much of his childhood in Africa and the West Indies, the second child of a Jamaican intellectual and a would-be Marxist revolutionary. On the mic, woods is no less of a conundrum, possessed of versatile flows and an ability to not only tackle topics other artists wouldn’t dream of, but also to bring unique perspectives to the familiar ones.

After spending much of the 2000’s as half of the now defunct Super Chron Flight Brothers, woods struck out on his own with 2012’s audacious mission statement, History Will Absolve Me. An album two years in the making, History…was a molotov cocktail of wit and fury, with production to match it’s uncompromising vision. 2013 sees billy woods’ first work since History Will Absolve Me, a full-length collaboration with New York producer Blockhead (Aesop Rock, Ninja Tune) entitled Dour Candy.

Long before building the modest-but-loyal cult following that came with the Flight Brothers, woods made a name for himself with a left-field debut album and one intriguing ensemble project after another. A longtime associate of Cannibal Ox, he came into the game on the back of a collaborative record with Vordul called Camouflage, a low-budget, ultra-indie release that set the table for woods’ particular brand of blunted dissonance and lyrical tight roping. Camouflage was quickly followed by his first, true solo album, The Chalice, in 2004. With features from Cannibal Ox and future partner-in-rhyme Priviledge, The Chalice is widely accepted as woods’ best solo work to date. It would also be his last solo work for a long time as woods threw himself into a series of group projects, first as a part of East Coast rap “supergroup” The Reavers, with Akir, Karniege, Vordul Mega, Hasan Salaam and a host of other on-the-cusp MC’s in 2005. Then came the Super Chron Flight Brothers; between 2006 and 2010, woods and Priviledge released a trilogy of critically-acclaimed concept albums, wrapping cogent sociopolitical commentary in a potent mix of racial humor, weed rap and pop-culture references.

Milo with Safari Al


PremRock is an independent hip-hop recording artist, performer and writer. Influenced by Tom Waits as much as Kool G rap and equal parts Hemingway and Nina Simone his style and general demeanor channels the greats of all avenues. After successfully booking three European tours and recording two studio albums the young artist is working on multiple follow-up projects both domestically and overseas. His work has been profiled on hip-hop publications like 2 Dope Boyz and Dj Booth as well as magazines with readership as large as Business Insider. Having performed in over 50 cities from Athens, Georgia to Athens, Greece, PremRock has a knack for finding the stage wherever it may be. A connector of dots and rocker of all things microphone, the Pennsylvania native now resides in Lower East Manhattan but can probably be found anywhere on the globe at any given moment.

Steel Tipped Dove & Friends

Steel Tipped Dove is a Brooklyn based producer trying to make beats with texture for artists with interesting words. Recently he produced a chaotic mixtape with a bunch of awesome rappers and singers.

After 10 years of scene-building in Portland,Maine as an mc and banner-guard for Milled Pavement Records, 5 years of touring throughout 5 countries (most recently France, Germany, and Switzerland this past April '12 with Milled Pavement CEO Moshe), over 700 performances, 2 critically acclaimed albums, 3 mixtapes, 2 ep's, 1 7" single, countless featured appearances, and performing live with a venerable who's-who of independent hip-hop, BRZOWSKI is throwing down the gauntlet with all the desperation of a man on the edge.

Winning poetry slams and MC battles, 3 European tours, appearing at SXSW, moon-lighting tour stints with Sage Francis, Ceschi, Epic, Galapagos4, Sole and the Skyrider Band, as well as playing to packed clubs supporting the varied indie-hop stripes of Busy Bee, El-P, Spose, Ill Bill, Slaine, Busdriver, 2Mex, Killah Priest, Atmosphere, Murs, Dalek, Brother Ali, Doug E. Fresh, Josh Martinez, Aceyalone, DJ Vadim, Astronautalis, Sleep, K-the-I???, B. Dolan, members of the Shapeshifters, and myriad others have cemented BRZOWSKI a reputation for quality live performance, an alignment with the best in the business, and an uncanny knack for harvesting the fans of those artists with higher profiles.

BRZOWSKI's grueling pace of hard-work and hard-living lends credence the axiom that to achieve any modicum of notoriety, you must suffer for your art.

No Rest For the Wicked.

F. Virtue

F. Virtue started going hard at 12 and hasn’t slowed. Between a dozen albums, a store, and a handful of cities and positions (from Fat Beats to Bad Boy), there are some interesting stories; if you get the chance, ask him sometime.
Born and raised in Canada, F. Virtue now resides in New York where he represents the music and art collective - Fameless Fam – along with an ever-expanding circle of crews, and blogs. His 13th studio album, We Are Not The Shame, is out August 6th, 2013, via Fake Four inc. He has performed with: Sleigh Bells, Matt and Kim, Anti-Pop Consortium, Sage Francis, KRS-ONE, Ceschi, Dark Time Sunshine, George Watsky, R.A. the Ruggedman, Abstract Rude, Ikey Owens (Mars Volta), and more.

DJ Mo Niklz



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