We Ride On, Six Acre Lake ALBUM RELEASE SHOW with Beasty, The Images, DJ Charlie Chaplin

DJ Charlie Chaplin

We Ride On

We Ride On is a three piece rock band from Brooklyn, NY.

The Sun Lions

Three blokes dedicated to bringing some class back to the club scene. We bring rock 'n roll back to its dirty, dirty roots.

Six Acre Lake

In 1997, while sitting in a booth at the Locust Bar in Philadelphia, drummer Jeremy Beaudry and guitarist John Schlicter formed Six Acre Lake. The idea was simple enough, two dudes writing and recording instrumental tunes heavily influenced by all things post-, math-, noise-, and surf-rock. The mighty Mr. Beaudry eventually sought a different path and stepped away from music...

Enter two new, talented drummers: Joe Getz (Mercury Radio Theater) and Mark Sconyers (Do You Need The Service). Both of these fine Philadelphians participated in a Six Acre Lake writing and recording frenzy. The fruits of that labor is currently finding itself pressed to 180 grams of self-released, vinyl sweetness.

Beasty is a trio in Brooklyn. Butch, Matt and Craig. We'll have our debut album out in the fall of 2013.

Zack Jones

Zach Jones grew up in Virginia Beach, went to school in Richmond, VA, and now currently lives in Brooklyn. Jones describes himself as a garage folk, acoustic pop writer who draws from artists such as Elliott Smith and The Beatles, both of which can be heard at times in his own music. He loves small fat dogs, banana smoothies, and saunas.


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