Freaky Friday w/ Maya Jane Coles & Cosmin TRG

Maya Jane Coles (I/AM/ME / Hypercolor | UK)


Maya Jane Coles (I/AM/ME / Hypercolour | UK)
Martyn (DJ Set / 3024 | Washington D.C)
Rich Korach (As You Like It)
Nackt (As You Like It / Outpost / Rare Form | Oakland)


Archie Pelago (live) (Mister Saturday Night, Archie Pelago Music | NY)
Mark Slee (Listed)
Bells & Whistles (As You Like It / Desert Hearts/ Four Sweaters)

Decorations: Corecult
Lights: Synthetic


As You Like It (AYLI) is the result of a shared taste for quality electronic music, late nights and experiences that focus on cutting-edge sounds by today’s most driven artists, while striving for and acknowledging timelessness.


Bells & Whistles (As You Like It / Desert Hearts)

Local Hero's Bells & Whistles have been on a tear lately. Rockin dance floors across SF and beyond.

Brian Knarfield

The Bay Area native and Direct to Earth co-founder wasn't always into Techno or House.
Brian first became interested in DJing watching DJs on BET's 106 and park.
Only being in 6th Grade at the time, Brian set out to Find a record store that had good Rap but instead met Trance and Progressive, soon enough 106 and Park was a distant memory as time after school was sucked away by the record store.

Brian played with production software hours on end throughout High school, College and while writing for his ex-band "Systems Octopus". It wasn't until Brian was 20 that he started listening to Minimal, Techno and Deep House and its influence on him lead him to take beat making more seriously and into a focused setting. Releasing and remixing for labels the likes of Fierce Animals Recordings, Kabutomushi, Istmo Music, Rough Rabbit Recordings, Gynoid Audio and Mizumo Music.

Aside from grinding away in the studio for the last 5 years Brian has been equally dedicated to reveling. His work with local artists and Labels to showcase unique underground talent has been instrumental
in the co creation of the Local Event series: Direct To Earth (DtE); Designing Flyers, Managing the Website and maintaining a musical presence as a Resident of the imprints Events. Over the years Brian has been billed along side artists such as: Daegon, Tiari, Dave Aju, Max Cooper, C.L.A.W.S., Michael Penman, The Missing Link, Jason Short and Crawlie to name a few.

Mossmoss (As You Like It)

Mossmoss (aka Mattie Bowen) is a Scottish born dj and producer with an intense interest in exploring deep dance music, a keen ear and eye for detail, and a fiery passion for all things psychedelic. An artist by nature, his wandering sets paint landscapes of light and dark patterns, textures, and strange melody. Matties inspiration draws from the organic details of existence, the tiny pieces most overlook in exchange for the big-picture rush of an ever changing modern world. His mind deeply set to explore these facets and to share his exploration in all forms to those that might look and listen. Mossmoss currently resides San Francisco and draws on The City and its colorful nightlife for constant immersive inspiration.



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