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Psychic Twin

Two and a half years ago, Erin Fein began to pen a series of songs that would become the music of Psychic Twin. These songs emerged as intensely personal, nervously rhythmic, and indebted to the '80s new-wave of her youth. While recording by herself, doubling her vocals and singing ghostly counter-melodies, she was overcome with the surreal but persistent feeling that she was writing and recording with her twin. "In an ideal situation," she says, "there would have been two of me singing and playing the music."

Rather than a musical clone, Brett Sanderson provides a fluid backdrop, joining Fein's new material with propulsive electronica and a shimmering synth-rock atmosphere. Lush synthesizer washes and incisive keyboard lines fade in and out over subtly persistent beats that begin simply, but reveal their complexity as songs take shape. The music is anchored by the bright melodicism inherent in Fein's songwriting, as verses and choruses shift and expand over the course of a song. Psychic Twin makes pop music that is romantic and mysterious; infused with an ineffable longing for escape, for the unattainable, like the impossible desire to make music with one's own double.

Diamond Bones

Influenced by dreams of past and future, Diamond Bones creates something in between psychedelic electro & shoegaze pop music, rooted in raw emotion. Their songs invite you in with hypnotic rhythms and gripping melodies, and charm you with haunting lyrics that convey unfeigned experience. Their sound, once described as "dark disco" has evolved over the year they have been together into something along the lines of, "tribal dream pop."

The trio has recently released a music video for their single, "Home Is Where," and is currently writing their first full length album to follow an EP from May 2012. Recent performances and achievements include a Fall tour of Ontario and Quebec, a feature in Under The Radar Magazine's Digital Sampler, and a nomination in the Best Electronic category of the 2012 Barrie New Music Awards.

Diamond Bones is Isabelle Banos, Michelle Bensimon and Lana Cooney.


Manicanparty is an alternative pop group comprised of singer/songwriter Jessica Corazza and producer Patrick Morrissey. Growing up in Minnesota they each found their own path to the arts. Pat did theater work and played in a number of indie bands, while Jess pursued songwriting and the guitar. In 2007 Patrick moved east attending the Hartt School where he studied acting. Jess hung back in Minnesota attending University of Minnesota and writing songs in her spare time but quickly joined Pat in Connecticut. There they began to compose music together creating a new and dynamic partnership. After Pat graduated they moved to Brooklyn, NY finding a home with Treehouse Recording Studios-AtWork Management where they perfected their distinct and fresh sound. Released under RPM MSC/ATWORK their debut single, "Rebels in the Light", caught the attention of both critics and listeners alike with its heavy use of tribal drums and chants, accentuated by Jessica's unique vocal tone. "Rebels in the Light" is the first single off the upcoming Manicanparty EP set to release late this summer.


Palehound is the latest project from Yonkers, NY based singer/songwriter extraordinaire Ellen Kempner. Writing and performing her own songs since she was 10 years old, Kempner has played in bands and solo, developing a knack for songwriting in the process. Kempa’s self-recorded “Dog on Crutches” was released early 2012, a collection of smart lo-fi indie rock and that sticks in your head. Late last year during her freshman year of college, Kempner decided to create a revolving band, and Palehound was born. Her debut “Bent Nail EP” is due out on October 22nd, 2013 via Exploding In Sound Records.

Dark North

Dark North is a collaboration between brother and sister Emily and Glenn Forsythe (formerly known as St. Claire). Originally from Ohio, the two spent years traveling before settling in Brooklyn and joining with bassist Michael Howard. Dark North ties together old-style songwriting, droney organs, bright guitars, and layers of harmonies to create resonating melancholy songs.

Twelve A.M. Flowers

And the Kids

And The Kids is an always changing independent accessible unconscious existential folk rock glitter popsicle band from Northampton, MA. The band features the songwriting of Hannah Mohan (lead vocals, guitar, electric ukulele) and Rebecca Lasaponaro (drums, vocals). The two girls met in their grade 7 music class, and have been collaborating and developing the And The Kids' genre ever since. The group has had many line-up changes since the summer of 2011 when they launched the project under the name And The Kids And The Pirates. The name was shortened to And The Kids in spring of 2012 and their first official EP, Nothing Came First, was released six months later on December 6th, 2012. Currently playing with ATK is Megan Miller (synth, glockenspiel, vocals) who met Hannah and Rebecca at the Institute for the Musical Arts (IMA) in Goshen, MA at their women's recording and sound engineering program in August, 2011 and joined the band one year later. And The Kids' former members include Katie Bessie (vocals), Alex Viands (guitar), Paul Gelineau (guitar, bass, vocals) and Luke Averill (bass, vocals).

And The Kids has built their fan base mostly from busking on the streets of Northampton, and also from creating JamPony, an underground studio space and performance venue in Holyoke, MA run by Hannah and Rebecca from August 2011 to August 2012. And The Kids' sound can be described as youthful, rowdy, and quiet then suddenly loud then quiet again. They hope to inspire the hearts of all living beings of light and laughter one stage or sidewalk at a time.


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