A Free Evening of Rock featuring: Absent Lovers and Snake & the Plisskens

Absent Lovers

For Fans of: Rush, David Bowie, Television & The Police.

Passionate, paired vocals and technical, textural guitars weave
between cyberfunk basslines and a matrix of percussive patterns.
Urban anxiety, a network of wordplay and touches of minimalism meet at an incredible moment when the fear of change is displaced by the thrill of new beginnings and the exhalation of exciting ideas.

Snake & the Plisskens

For fans of Bad Religion, Joan Jett and The Semantics.

This semi freshman effort by Snake & the Plisskens is a testament to the post modern, pre-ska anti neolithic punk movement that shaped my youth. And yes, I caught myself topping out at 115 mph on the way home to the tune of "Burning Desires" (not even a lie). A+++++++++!!!!!!!!"
Jason Feagans



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