CMJ 2013: Rocker Stalker, Black Wing Halo, STRNGRS, The Phuss, Cadaver Dogs, Crush Distance, The Tye Trybe, Shady Elders

CMJ 2013: Rocker Stalker

Rocker Stalker is bringing you some FREE day time rock for CMJ! The "Wake the Rock Up!" Showcase features...

Shady Elders (CO)
The Tye Trybe (NY)
Crush Distance (NY)
Cadaver Dogs (OH)
The Phuss (TX)
Black Wing Halo (NY)

Black Wing Halo

Past the hills, where late dawn peaks through the willows and barren trees, breaking
into scattered shafts of light, lies Black Wing Halo. The screams of the children, the
fight of the drunks, and the laughter of the women are heard in behind and in front, but
never in the center. There are shadows, but no figures. No straight lines. This is where
we lie.
Ever-expanding with a love and admiration for noise, soundscapes and distorted vocals,
Black Wing Halo is their own favorite radio station. It started with Josh Weinstein (guitar/
vox) adding pedals to his acoustic guitar, and even more to his microphone, which
became two microphones, displaying different voices to represent different ideas. Josh
then found his musical match with Doug McGregor (bass/vocals), Stephanie Linn
(keyboards/vocals), and Justin Hofmann (drums), and expanded from his acoustic
roots. Now, the quartet brings to the table an extensive history of music making across
a spectrum of genres, assembling themselves into a force to be reckoned with,
channeling 90s rock, grunge, and blues with experimental twists and lyrical depth.
Black Wing Halo continues to spread to the masses as well, having played SXSW,
NXNE, and CMJ, as well as selling out boat cruises, and rocking Massachusetts, New
Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Black Wing Halo released their debut album with producer Jason Rubal (The Cure, NIN,
Dresden Dolls, Killswitch Engage) in May, 2012, and are currently finishing up work on
their follow up EP, due out in June 2013.


STRNGRS is a 3-piece rock & roll outfit from New York City. Sounds, smiles, and situations to make you feel good.

Cadaver Dogs

Cadaver Dogs are a motherfucker. With their paws planted firmly at the front of the party bus, Cadaver Dogs are happy to take you on a fast ride to the ends of decency, showing no mercy for those foolish enough to step in the path of their roaring rock spectacle. Like fireworks stuffed into live rats, the five tracks that make up their debut EP "Thrill Ride" explode with a nasty flash, leaving their grime behind to fester in your boiling brain. Three rock n' roll stallions have finally created the perfect soundtrack to gambling on Doberman fights in Reno and getting your first hand job behind a carnival side show tent. It's dirty, vivacious, and you know you shouldn't be allowed to like it, but your head keeps spinning and now there's no turning back. This is music for the depraved and the decadent, the fiendish and the self-indulgent. So who do you think you are?

Crush Distance

crush distance from brooklyn write songs of dirt and light

The Tye Trybe

To be honest we really don't remember one specific point in time that got us into music. It seemed more like music got into us. We have always been into the wonderful art of performing music, which can be credited back to our grandfather, the late Manuel Pomales. Music is the medium we choose to express and share our art with others. Although our music is derivative from our influences, we find our own meanings from them, redefine it, and make it our own. We use our music to connect our hearts and souls with anyone who is willing to stop and listen to what we have to give.

Shady Elders

Shady Elders is made up of a dark and mesmerizing conglomeration of musical forces. Combining elements of dark-wave, dream pop, doo-wop and shoegaze, on top of Britt Rodemich's inimitable, singular voice, the group has quickly established a unique identity.

Band members Casey Banker, Miles Eichner, and Marlon Chance all come from a line of excellent local acts (The Don'ts and Be Carefuls, Tulip Wars, and Spires, respectively) and contribute to shaping and designing Shady Elders' powerful sound.


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