A Free Evening of Electropop featuring: Powerkompany

Powerkompany's debut LP, I Am More Than This (available now on Mazarine Records), is futuristic, nostalgic, electric—singer Marie Davon’s voice cascades like a waterfall one minute and the next punctures eardrums as if Cupid’s arrow to an unsuspecting heart. It is Dolly Parton’s frail warble filtered through Warhol’s Factory, the sound of tiny incandescent angels trapped like butterflies in a moonshine mason jar. On the new record, it's as if the band conjured 1960s Phil Spector, held a gun to his head and demanded he update the Wall of Sound for a new generation.

I Am More Than This is propelled by loping beats, bounding through cinematic vistas of a New South. The album’s fragile, triumphant daydream pop and fanciful Catherine-wheel anthems illuminate man, woman and machine with acoustic serenity and cacophonous synths. Together Davon and bandmate Andrew Heaton are scientists, alchemists, creative escapists. Before they formed Powerkompany, they played with other notable Athens, Ga., bands: Davon, orchestra pop outfit Venice Is Sinking; and Heaton, full-tilt bluegrass project Packway Handle Band. Bridging the divergent worlds of indie rock and Americana, the two found each others’ muses in full synch.

For fans of: Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver



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