Black Hole Oscillators

Black Hole Oscillators

Black Hole Oscillation, Levitation & Creation Epics:
Soon after time had chances to cool, the oscillations began to begin purposely emitting hyper vigilant and coherent soundscapes perpetuating the gravitational-magnetic-electric/atom/molecule multidimensional universe as we appear to have come to understand it. Black Hole Oscillators are the attempt at a fluid transitional language that is anticipated to bring about the greater connections with the original [Hyper Dimensional] object. We invite you to listen and contribute to this paradigm shift that we BHO's refer to as the 'LOVE Compass'.

Jeffertiti's Nile

Like the curvaceous, bountiful river in Egypt, J E F F E R T I T T I ‘s N I L E is an ever-changing, flowing sonic stream with twists & turns at every non-corner. Wet & luscious currents of ancient-futuristic feminine vibrations immerse souls through cilia, while transcending time & space as they float through the ether. This collective has taken on many formations, opening portals to infinite dimensions that rise & melt again, creating space ways for a new sound...

Down Dirty Shake

The Down Dirty Shake is a rock n roll band based out of San Francisco. Formed in 2006 by the founding four members in their hometown of Merced CA. They've since moved up and down northern California performing anywhere and everywhere. The group is deeply influenced by the soul that was the 60's, and the central valley blues. It's very apparent in the music that they sound nothing like today’s bands. The Shake has put out two self produced albums, a self-titled in 2011 and a live album from the Hopmunk Tavern in early 2012. As heard on the album the boys pride themselves on the live shows, incorporating: a didgeridoo, an organ, 2 electric guitars, a bass, drums, shakers, dancers, and a very energetic front man. The shows are guaranteed to be an experience, always unpredictable and tons of fun for everyone. As they say before every show "we're the down dirty shake and we came to get butt naked"

Host/DJ Neil Martinson

spins Psych, Soul, Glam, Bubblegum, Laserboogie and such like...

$7 adv - $10 dos


All patrons under 21 years old must buy $5 drink ticket at the door.

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