Folk Song Repertoire

In this series, Shay will teach three/five songs per class, with a later focus on singing alone, performing in front of people, singing in a session, and other subjects that students feel are important. The songs are recorded and posted on The Freight website, along with lyrics, the day after the class. If you like, you can bring your own recording device, and Shay will provide the lyrics...lots of them! You don't need to attend every class. Songs from the previous week are reviewed at every class, and you also can access both song melody and lyrics from the Freight website at any time.

Shay Black

Shay Black is known for his extensive knowledge of the Irish, English, Scottish, and other folk traditions. His teaching style is through learning by repetition, so no background knowledge of music theory is necessary. He starts from "If you can hum it, you can sing it."

Irish-born Shay Black has lived in the east bay for fifteen years, and his most regular gig these days is the weekly "Starry Irish Session" at The Starry Plough pub in Berkeley. With a background steeped in traditional and folk music, he performs and records with brothers Michael and Martin, and also at times with sisters Frances and Mary Black. In Europe, he has also toured and recorded with the late great Stan Hugill and the fabled sea shanty group Stormalong John and Irish band Garva. Shay continues to be an avid songcatcher. He has a huge song collection, and has taught repertoire building at many music camps and festivals.

$120.00 - $130.00


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