Ghost Owl

All three members of Ghost Owl met and worked together for over a decade in the band Perpetual Groove. When the decision was made to go on an indefinite hiatus from Perpetual Groove, Ghost Owl was born. Ghost Owl is a completely different kind of band than their former endeavor. The band is one born from collaboration with several different artists from Athens, GA. This includes Music, Visual Art, Technology, and Production. Ghost Owl will begin extensive touring in Spring 2013.

Timi and Kite To The Moon

$12.00 - $15.00


The Wild Rumpus is Athens, GA's Halloween Parade & Spectacle. The Halloween holiday is Athens' Mardi Gras. For those who have never experienced it, it could be described as mayhem in the streets. Known regardless as one of the top 5 party destinations in the nation, Athens is also "Never Never Land" to an active population of wildly creative, experimental artists and musicians. The colorful vibe of the artists carries over into the enormous student population of the University of Georgia, which LOVES a good time, resulting in an inventive mix of fun, creativity and revelry. The Halloween holiday is the pinnacle event of this bubbling stew of artistic self-expression, costuming and gleeful abandon. This year's Wild Rumpus Parade takes place on Saturday, October 26!

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