Spoonfed Tribe

Spoonfed Tribe

Formed in the Fort Worth area in 1999, Spoonfed Tribe is a musical/visual group known for mesmerizing live shows combining hypnotic walls of percussion, psychedelic sonics and mind-expanding visuals. Since their debut, the Tribe has remained on the road, building a sizeable fan base inspired by appearances at music fests including Lollapalooza, Joshua Tree, Voodoo Music Experience and Wakarusa, sharing bills with acts such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Flaming Lips, Nine Inch Nails, Blues Traveler, Galactic and many more.
The band has released six albums, including 2010's Live from DFW and is in the process of recording the follow-up to 2007's Public Service Announcement, due in 2012.
"To describe a Spoonfed Tribe gathering would take too many words, talking too small to measure what is gained by the actual experience of it all. So, to do our best, imagine a show that captures all senses, presents all musical styles, glows with a fluorescent fury, and creates space to be different and unique, all while making you dance like an idiot!"
Josh Hogan - My Denton Music

Ground Flow Fusion

Formed in 2012 to share the fusion feel of many different styles of groove, funk, blues, and jam.


Woofshürts are a progressive/experimental rock band based out of St. Louis.
The band is made up of five long time friends that have been passionate about music all their lives. With many late night jam sessions the band has found a way to express themselves with a musical sincerity to be reckoned with.
Woofshürts as a whole has a wide range of influences. The music can start with traditional bluegrass, end up at hard rock, and touch several places in between along the way. Variety, and the ongoing search for a unique sound are the highest priority.
Band Interests
Musical enlightenment.



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