Back Porch Romeos

Back Porch Romeos

Backporch Romeos - one of Denver, Colorado's newest and hottest bands! Driving rhythms, powerful guitars, tight harmonies, and infectious melodies that have Backporch Romeo fans singing the songs long after every show.

Backporch Romeos delivers a high-energy live performance that will have you out of your seat and rockin' along with the band all night long! It doesn't matter how large or small the venue is; Backporch Romeos wants every one of their shows to be the best live music experience possible! Come to a Backporch Romeos show. You'll see what everyone is talking about! Backporch Romeos!

Sad Star Cafe

Sad Star Cafe is a unique musical act of many proportions, combining elements of AA Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Punk and Pop Music. After a very successful musical run from 1999 to 2003, Sad Star Cafe had called it quits after releasing 2 studio discs and one live compilation. 2001's "Happy?" generated many CD sales in a five state region (around the state of Colorado) and kept the band playing live for nearly 5 years. The band toured regularly, both regionally and Nationally, until retiring in late 2003. After a highly anticipated "10 Year Re-Union Show" in 2013, the band is back together working on new music and preparing once again to play a venue...near you! 🙂

Tin Star Charmer

Chris Stake, former Lead Vocalist of Losing November and The Trampolines, returns in 2013 with "Tin Star Charmer", his highly anticipated new band.

$8.00 - $10.00


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