The A-OKs

Combining the energetic, rebellious, horn-driven noise of 90's Ska and Pop-Punk with modern Punk and Alternative, The A-OKs are a seven piece powerhouse from Denver, CO. Locally acclaimed, The A-OKs are known for their non-stop dance and mosh-fueled shows where the party doesn't stop on stage or on the dance floor until the lights go out. They have toured, twice, across the west coast to play main stage at Pamona, California's Ska in the Park festival and are acknowledged nationally for playing with many established and big name acts. They've conquered the underground scene in the west and plan to head North for a Canadian and East Coast tour in 2011.

After countless EPs and Demos, The A-OKs released their first, self-licensed and produced, full length album, Words Are Not For Eating in 2010 to a celebrated response.

Head Injuries

Hey Dudes and Betties,

We are Head Injuries, an unsigned Punk Rock band from Fort Collins, CO. We started attempting to play in this band October of 2011.

Members consist of:

Jared Russell - Vocals/Guitar
Zack Hill - Guitar/Vocals
Conner Hampton - Bass
Jer Wood - Drums

We have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with:
The Gamits
Teenage Bottlerocket
Red City Radio
and many other amazing groups throughout our travels.

In October, 2012 we decided to go into Chris Fogel's (Gamits) studio "Black In Bluhm" in Denver, CO to record our very first album which will be Self Titled and released on February 9th.

We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us so far and we hope everyone finds a way to steal this new album! We will be bringing Cleveland Steamers to a town near you soon enough.

Good Sign

Good Signs songs take you back to your childhood fantasies and the human desire to dream big. Ronny Stanley is our "words" guy, providing the vocals as well as the ragged, emotion-filled poetry to our songs. His ability to bring the richness and depth to our sound comes from his lip work on the Baritone "Bari" Saxaphone: Super Saxy!
Next, Ruben Fuentes and Jordann Tucker bring in the Swagger with their cool riffs and rhythms blairing through their "Brit" amps. They created the fusion of punk rock, ska, reggae and jazzy blues that is uniquely Good Sign and totally bad ass!
The hard-hitting, sexy beats come in with our highly energetic, sweetly psychotic, baby-faced Harrison "Harry" DeRuiter. Then there's our bassist, the groove-maker, Robert "Mort" threading our sound with a velvety smooth, sexy groove!
When you hear those screaming high notes, you can be sure Jason Korth is Lipping off, giving Good Sign its Brass balls and sweet, captivating tones on the Trumpet, played with great style. He is our "Skank" man and he leaves the fans breathless! Finally, our femme fatale and the feminine influence of Good Sign, is Cailey Semroska. Her way of tickling the ivories lends to the haunting, hypnotic melodies that weave together beauty and rough, chaotic, sometimes crass expressions. She is the sultry, sweet soul of the band, but if you mess with her, she will tke a chunk out or your ass! (Just ask Ronny). Our passion is playing live, drawing energy from our hyper-excited fans, so hopefully we will see you "Skanking your ass off" at a show near you!

Nasty Bunch of Bitches

We're a punk band from a town that isn't friendly to punk-minded people. Our name... well, the jokes on you if you don't get the joke. Let's get a few things straight.

We hate racism. We hate sexism. We hate homophobia. We hate corruption. We hate liars and abusers of power.

And we love you. Thanks for listening to us.


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