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Disarmingly human and emotionally charged noise/garage rock from the heart of Brooklyn, New York, EndAnd have been gaining feverish word-of-mouth lately thanks to the release of the uncompromising "Adventures of Fi in Space", which saw the band getting recommended by publications such as Large Hearted Boy and Those Who Dig. Their latest Spring 2013 release "Mechanics & Energetics of Stilt-Running" is now building upon their well-received base. It sees the band moving in a more raw and aggressive direction, and is quickly garnering a reputation as a fast-paced in-your-face visceral punk rock release.

Their beginnings start in early 2011 when Daniel Fern and Mike Morales played for months as a rock duo. Dan's versatile playing and writing style became an instant crowd pleaser, backing powerful, gut-wrenching vocals with solid guitar work. Dan had previously played guitar, drums and bass on his early demos; in live performance he looped parts to overdub, while Mike held the groove with his intuitive percussive navigation.

As the duo gained steam, so, too, did their reputation, garnering increasing attention and respect at their rehearsal space, and home away from home, King Killer Studios (Gowanus, Brooklyn). After a show at Williamsburg?s Public Assembly, where they shared the stage with fellow KK band Capita Clip, Dan and Mike, sparked by the low end emanating from Capita's sound, asked bassist Bill Fitzgerald if he'd sit in at their next practice. Fitzgerald gladly obliged.

Bill jumped on board during this first rehearsal, bringing the vision of a power trio into fruition and forming EndAnd. With impressive vocal capabilities and spine-bending bass lines, Bill turned the project into a band when "Adventures of Fi in Space" was performed at the album?s release show later that week.

Everyone, past and present, from the King Killer community is represented here: Ernest D'Amaso and Willie Chen of Generator Ohm; Dan Kramer of The Stink; and Robert Allan of We Are Augustines are among the many that contributed to Adventures. The album is comprised of Adventures of Hi Fi and Adventures of Lo Fi in Space, two EP's consisting of pristine studio recordings and a collection of DIY recordings, respectively.

With real rock music being on the return and the current album being buzzed about, EndAnd have recently released a new 11-song album in Spring 2013, entitled "Mechanics & Energetics of Stilt-Running". The release is a determined demonstration of the band's more aggressive style, taken on after a year of profound change, struggle, & loss. A truly powerful work months in the making, this album ferociously compounds the unique instrumentation of each member with individual emotive outpouring, both anger-addled & love-laden at points, and is sure to shake up their familiar sound by introducing a heavier range of their repertoire for new & old listeners alike.

New Atlantic Youth

New Atlantic Youth is a power trio of native New Yorkers swimming through the streets of the Gowanus. Guided blindly by the music, they mix up a medley of sweet and sour-coated rhythms and verses.

The band began as a musical partnership between Ian Elkind and Dan Fogarty at LaGuardia High School in 2004 and continued throughout their separate matriculations via the emailing of song demos and infrequent jam sessions over school holidays.

In 2009, Ian and Dan invited fellow local musician Jesse Katz to become the band’s drummer thus solidifying the group’s powerful, rhythm-driven honey and vinegar songwriting style with Katz’s frenetic, yet rock solid, drumming.

On June 12, 2010, New Atlantic Youth played their third show at King Killer Studios and released their first record, New Atlantic Youth EP. New Atlantic Youth gave out and digitally released their second record, Gowanus EP, on January 28th, 2011 at release party held at King Killer Studios. New Atlantic Youth is currently working on their first full-length album to be released in Spring 2013.

New Atlantic Youth combines the dynamics of early 21st century post-hardcore with a myriad of big sounds that will have you banging your head, swaying your body, and dancing until you fall over

Playing Dead

Sam Hoyos-guitar/lead vox
Tom DiLeo-lead guitar/vox
Dave Casale-bass
Steve DeJoseph- drums

Started in 2004, the current line-up for Playing Dead has been together since summer 2009. Mixing indie styles ranging from the Get-Up Kids, to Samiam and Alkaline Trio, playing dead hit the studio in 2010 to record "In Your Head," and released "Home...Wherever That May Be" in August 2012.

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