Fake Babies

Fake Babies

Fake Babies is all things to all people. Fake Babies has never been afraid to utilize a sound that it found intriguing. Fake Babies has never shied away from an influence no matter how obscure or fleeting it may seem to be. Fake Babies is a band of musicians that grew into a collaboration of producers, or, Fake Babies is a group of producers that come together as a band. either way they are banded together, and they fucking produce.

By 2007 Robert James Nuzzello had been in many bands. As and adolescent he opened for the likes of BB King and Chuck Berry. As a young adult he performed the full gambit of pop and rock bands. After surveying the musical landscape in Los Angeles for a few years he moved back to New Haven, gently leaned his guitar against the wall and stared deep into a 1984 Akai MPC. Beats were made, tracks produced and eventually a new approach was formed using a new range of tools and stylistic elements.

At the same time Justin Courtney Roberts was in Baltimore finding new ways to create the music that had been growing in him since his childhood. There he developed sounds and characters to narrate the sweeping minagerie to be later known as "kids with crushes". These recordings made there way back north and Nuzzello knew a partnership was eminent.

Gary Kiernan Velush and Jason Norman Sirianni had both recently finished degree programs in performance from the prestigious Western Connecticut State University music program and, having bonded under an interest in nontraditional composition, were looking for a new way to make music. They rented loft spaces and hammered out free form waves of sound inspired by the likes of Steve Riech and Wayne Krantz but a focused channel for this energy remained elusive.

In 2008, a vessel for all this liquid potential presented itself. Gary, Bob and Justin procured a rehearsal space in New Havens infamous Daggett Street Square. Jay soon followed and the Submarine was born. At the time the New Haven music scene was in hibernation. Aside from regular sunday nights at the legendary BAR night club (which would provide some of the stylistic inspiration and liquid libation that helped cement the four artist in their common goal) the town had fallen on routine. So.. the submarine began throwing shows.

Drawing on the local talent and importing some from other independent music hubs such as Baltimore and Brooklyn the Submarine hosted some of the most remembered parties of that time. There Fake Babies honed a style based not only in sounds but in spaces. Somehow the bump of a deep bass kick resonates off of a wall painted pink more sweetly. The glitter flew, the pipes dripped with condensed sweat and most of the time, the cops were called.

Soon after, a large corner of the sub was devoted to a recording studio space and the production team known as Fuzzy Rainbow moved in. Having produced Fake Babies initial release "we started blues", the fuzzys presence was warm and welcome. With all the elements in line the work began to flow. Fake Babies 2012 release, a self titled EP, produced by Bill Ready of Fuzzy fame, showcases the raw party power of the earlier record with a delicate grace that only time and patience can produce.

Fake Babies continues to record and perform for every set of warm pink ears ready to receive them.

Violent Mae

Violent Mae was never intended to be a band. Becky asked Floyd to record and produce her first solo album, and as soon as they hit the studio, chemistry and dynamics between the two sparked the evolution of an artistic partnership. The self-titled debut initially released in 2013 garnered national attention and was re-released early in 2015 when it hit college radio riding a wave into the Top 100 for 6 weeks on the CMJ Radio chart.

Kid is the sophomore release from Connecticut based duo Violent Mae. Rising out of Becky Kessler’s guitar driven songwriting and multi instrumentalist, Floyd Kellogg’s production style, the record is a document of a band coming into its own. The duo create a dynamic fuzzy low-rock sound with opening tracks “In The Sun” and “In My Ring”. Guitars play both atmospheric and bass backbone parts while the drums take on melodious, yet driving roles throughout. Random found sounds captured during their self-produced recording sessions at a rural organic farm contribute to an eerie mood and become an integral part of the music. On title track “Kid”, they strip the music down to the barest of elements and Becky’s low reverberant vocals take the listener on an aching melancholic journey. A certain sadness permeates the record but the listener can always find a silver lining sense of warmth and strength. You get an air of adolescence and how fleeting anything of significance might be, including love. On “Flame”, Becky sings “better hold onto me tight / I’m ready to go / straight into the stars / we’ll blow them all away” and that’s an apt description of Violent Mae and their new record Kid. It builds to “Neon Halos”, a bold song about the feeling of helplessness connected to modern experience with sing along “oh oh well hell / oh oh well oh hell oh” and comes back down to the earth with the personal lament “Birthday.”

Alex & The Zanders

Through re-orchestration NUNCUNT retains and secures its original passion, sass, and good looks in adding Kevin O’Donnell on bass and Jason Rule on drums, both of Two Humans and Sorority Noise, to create Alex & the Zanders. While maintaining NUNCUNT’s spirit of catchy melodies, driving piano, and brutally-blunt-radically-reverbed rhymes, the three of us are venturing out to create a more refined estro-rock sound.


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