Shaman's Harvest

Shaman's Harvest is a rock band from Jefferson City, Missouri, best known for their single "Dragonfly" from the album "Shine". The single peaked at No. 34 on Billboard's Rock Songs chart.

In early 2010, the group recorded "Broken Dreams", the theme song for WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre. The song was released on iTunes on November 30, 2010.

The song "Dragonfly" is also included in the soundtrack of the movie Legendary.

On January 2011, the group confirmed that they recorded 2 other songs for WWE, "End of Days", the entrance theme of Wade Barrett and The Corre, and "Anger" which is still to be used.

Shaman's Harvest has announced that they will release their fifth full-length album titled "Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns" in spring 2013.

Subject To Loss

Subject to Loss is a 5 piece modern rock band based out of Springfield Missouri: The band started in late 2009 as an acoustic two piece with Garrett and Kuan and as the sound progressed came the need to add percussion. After playing the local clubs as a 3 piece for a year the band added their fourth member Jesse to take over the guitar and shift Garrett to lead vocals. After signing to Tate Music, Justin was added as lead guitar and Dru was brought in on drums to solidify the hard hitting, raw sound that STL projects to push their message of determination, recovery and strength. Their debut release, "Take Another", dares the listener to get up, pick up the pieces, and try again; to push for what they need; to turn life's negative into their own positive.

Achieving musical intricacy comes naturally to this 5-piece band hailing from Springfield, MO. Formed in October of 2009 they invoke, in their purest form, the sounds that engulf your senses and leave you restless. By fusing soaring guitar melodies, overlaying thunderous drums beats flowing through unhinged rhythms, and Josh Krone's dynamic anthems they create a polished collection of emotive music


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