IAMDYNAMITE is the spirited, anthemic noise duo of Christopher Martin (guitar, vocals) and Chris Phillips (drums, vocals), two Michigan high school friends raised on the Seattle sound and 80s pop - anything with a beat that makes them move is an influence.

Their name comes from Nietzsche: "I know my fate. One day there will be associated with my name the recollection of something frightful…I am not a man. I am dynamite." In 2008, the band caught the ear of producer Matt Noveskey, who recorded their 2012 debut 'SUPERMEGAFANTASIC' at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Recording Studio in Spicewood, TX, in the Hill Country outside of Austin.

The duo was recorded in the same spirit of their live show, using analog tape and minimal layering.nd playing this music, no one will have fun listening to it," says Phillips.

Up Until Now

Jay Murphy of Up Until Now has so far lived his life completely centered and orbiting around music. He comes from a collective past involved in bands with genres of reggae, world beat, rock, hip hop, funk, electro-pop,and even heavy metal. With this new project, he distills the pure essence in music that has always driven him, and channels it into electronic dance music with the sole purpose of making bodies move. When you get talent of this type with huge broad experience, and focus it into one vision, you best believe that it burns like a laser. Now, add human drumming machine from jamtronica band Noise[Org], and you have a serious live electronic force to be reckoned with.

Full of driving, rhythm guitars, melodies, and giant drums, it's clear Shrive comes from an era when grunge and alternative rock ruled music - it shows in just about every song. They are about to embark on recording their first full length record this summer.

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