DELAWARE DEATH FEST II DAY 3-Skinless, Brutality, Beneath The Massacre, Rings of Saturn, Legion, Rivers Of Nihil


Skinless exploded onto the face of humanity in 1992. Despite a variety of lineup changes, the songwriting team of Noah Carpenter (guitars) and Sherwood Webber (vocals) has remained constant since 1994. After adding the talents of Bob Beaulac (drums) and Joe Keyser (bass) SKINLESS established a solid, dedicated line-up, recorded two demos and appeared on numerous compilations. In 1998, SKINLESS released their full-length debut Progression Towards Evil. Recorded at Max Trax Studios in Albany, NY Progression... stunned the underground, showcasing the musicianship and energy that the band had become known for via its intense live performances. The album blazed a trail of brutality around the globe leaving fans of death/grind devastated, and searching for more. An entirely independent release, Progression... received frenzied acclaim from press the world over and saw remarkable sales.


Brutality is an American death metal band from Tampa, Florida. They formed in 1986 and soon after released their first demo entitled "Abomination". In 1988, they released their second demo, "Brutality", which introduced them to the fanzine underground. The band's third demo "Dimension Demented" was recorded in 1990 and was later released on a 7" named "Hell On Earth" with Gore Records. "Metamorphosis", the band's fourth demo, had worldwide distribution on Wild Rags Records. At this point the band made some lineup changes, increasing the harshness of their sound[citation needed]. They proceeded to record a demo to shop for a record deal. Many record labels showed interest, so after nogotiations they signed with Nuclear Blast Records. After releasing a 7" EP entitled "Sadistic", they recorded their debut album Screams of Anguish in 1993 and proceeded to go on a European tour with Hypocrisy in the beginning of 1994. Their second full-length album, When the Sky Turns Black, was released in 1994. A second European tour followed in 1995, supporting Bolt Thrower.[1] After the release of their third album In Mourning, the band split up in 1997. The band recorded a demo in 2001, but due to subpar recording they decided not to release it. In 2008 all 3 albums were remastered and released on Metal Mind Productions. In 2011, they released a boxset containing 3 CDs with rare material, as well as their demo tapes from 1986-1992. The boxset also contains a poster and a live DVD. The band reformed in 2012 with the complete lineup of "Screams of Anguish", and in 2013, released an EP containing two new songs entitled "Ruins of Humans", which has received near universal acclaim from the band's fanbase.

Paths of Possession

Paths of Possession is an American melodic death metal band featuring George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (Cannibal Corpse) in a more melodic environment, with song structures that have much more in common with early Bay Area Thrash than the Tampa death metal scene.

Beneath The Massacre

Coming from a rich, albeit relatively modern heritage of brutal Canadian death metal, BENEATH THE MASSACRE is perhaps the band most apt to take the title for the heaviest and most technical band from its northern forefathers. Mixing voracious, grinding double bass alongside stop-start guitar work and unhallowed death metal growls with a helpful does of destructive breakdowns and unparalleled technicality, the handful of new tracks that make up BENEATH THE MASSACRE's debut full-length are a welcome addition to the heavy metal world. After building buzz in Canada and abroad behind the band's forceful 5-track EP in 2005, the band signed with Prosthetic Records in early 2006, with Mechanics of Dysfunction unleashed to the public in early 2007, a time when metal fans worldwide are craving more extremes in a musical genre already known for being extreme.

Be it extreme brutality, intense musicianship, or sheer musical destruction, though, and BENEATH THE MASSACRE has all the bases covered. Not only is the band unrelenting, but it remains intelligent as well. Evident in the band's name – equating to knowingly living in a sick and twisted world, but still fighting for change – BENEATH THE MASSACRE, employs intellect hand in hand with aural devastation, not only in the band's vocal approach, but also in its instrumentation and outlook on its very existence.

Leaving audiences worldwide salivating for more than 5 titillating tracks(Evidence of Inequity), Mechanics of Dysfunction's 10 tracks surely come to the party to play, combining the brutality of Suffocation, the brutal skillfulness of Origin, cacophonous melody of The Dillinger Escape Plan, and the sheer technicality of fellow Canadians Cryptopsy. Again meeting up with producer Yannick St-Amand (Despised Icon, Ion Dissonance), St-Amand's skillful production and the mastering job from Alan Douches (Shadows Fall, Unearth) – he too returning to work with the band for a second time – BENEATH THE MASSACRE's music is showcased polished and heavy, and poised to raise some noise in an already noisy genre.

After a quiet 2005 with a line-up change, vocalist Elliot Desgagnés' stint in surgery, and only a handful of dates showcasing the band's technical chops to the live crowds, 2007 promises to be a busy, raucous affair for BENEATH THE MASSACRE. With the release of Mechanics of Dysfunction and travel visas in hand, BENEATH THE MASSACRE is set to hit the road for much of the year, finally feeding the masses its brand of bile-infested metal the crowds that have, especially Stateside, been yearning for just that over the last two years.

Rings of Saturn

Tech death metal with members from Delaware, Pennsylvania and California.


Mausoleum is a death metal band formed in United States of America (Johnstown, Pennsylvania) in 2001.

Out now on Razorback Recordings! The long awaited 2nd album from MAUSOLEUM "Back From the Funeral" is 9 tracks of true horror worshipping, Zombiecult Death Metal with a non-modern sound full of dark and creepy atmosphere the way it was meant to be!

Rivers Of Nihil

In a time when the music industry is highly over saturated, it's rare when artists genuinely strive to create something different from the norms of their genre. This Reading PA based 5 piece has been doing just that. Forming out of previous bands and local comradery, Jake, Brody, Jon, Biggs and Ron are on a relentless path of taking things to the next level. In the fall of 2009, they recorded an EP titled "Hierarchy" with producer Carson Slovak of Atrium Audio. The positive response to "Hierarchy" throughout the online community and local music scene gave the band the opportunity to play countless shows, including an appearance on the "Midwest Fuckfest" held in Milwaukee, as well as a 2 week tour within the first year of existence. Nearly 2 years of playing out "Hierarchy", the band entered the studio in June of 2011 with Len Carmichael to record "Temporality Unbound", which features six tracks of pure sonic devastation sure to please fans of the old material, while bringing in new listeners with the matured songwriting and niche for writing more than just riffs. "Temporality Unbound" will be released on October 28th, with touring currently being planned around the release.

Outer Heaven

Hardcore/Doom inspired Death Metal.


American Death metal from Ohio




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