Matthew Morgan & The Lost Brigade

Matthew Morgan & The Lost Brigade

Matthew Morgan and the Lost Brigade is a hard-working band that has made its mark on the Chicago music scene, and is now pushing into the Midwest. With the diversity of banjo and dulcimer alongside a female rocker that has shared the stage with Joan Jett, this band blends hopeful and upbeat rock with the deep reality of folk roots. Neil Young, Paul Simon and R.E.M. are among influences for the five-piece outfit that is poised to take on new musical territory with its follow-up to 2011’s "Red Silhouettes".

MMLB is as “intense as whiskey with all the flavors of fine wine. Bombastic, upbeat pop/folk grabs audiences by the hand. It’s a sweet slow dance…” (OnAxis Music). With each show, responses from fans of both music and art have been overwhelmingly positive. CAUDog Records of Chicago, IL recognizes the band’s solid reputation and is partnering to produce and release the group’s first professional recording, expected in Fall of 2012.

Ellis Clark Band

Ellis Clark has been a longtime fixture of the Chicago music community working as a performing musician, singer-songwriter, recording artist and record producer. He was a founding member and front man for the band Epicycle and later Social Act which in combination have released numerous albums of original material.

Hannah Frank Group

Hannah Frank’s original folk/rock music has elements of country, groove and “surreal” lyrics. It has listeners comparing the sounds to Norah Jones, Michelle Shocked and Aretha Franklin, influenced by rural blues. A female singer-songwriter influenced by blues artists including Son House, Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, her songs are full of story-telling.
“Working on a farm in my early 20′s, which is hard work, got me into the idea of music as a freedom, from the perspective of an American field hand” says Hannah. “I am singing about my own life because if we don’t write our own histories, who will?”

Hannah’s background is a farm girl, dare we say suburbanite, yet it’s not that simple. From the rural areas of Lake County, IL she has stacked hay bales and sung songs in echoing silos, all the while feeding her mind with college philosophies including some light reading like Neitchze, Foucault, and hunting down education by studying many mediums at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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