The Future Laureates (CD/Digital EP Release)

With a successful presence at SXSW and Summerfest 2012 and 2013, combined with airplay on hundreds of college radio stations across North America, The Future Laureates are celebrating with unabashed energy and triumph. Offering positive punk-rock energy with folk/pop musicianship, their sonic champagne is frothing and bubbling with their fourth studio release, EVERYTHING AT ONCE. It is seriously full of fun.

2012’s FORTRESS SESSIONS and the live shows that followed cemented the band’s place as an energetic force in Chicago’s vibrant and diverse music scene. Josh Terzino of Music-Defined called their sold-out album release show “one of the most electric shows [he’s] ever seen.” And that’s not all. Their music has won licensing deals with a variety of shows on MTV, Showtime, Style, Discovery Networks, and Bravo! via Tinderbox music.

Touring has brought together even more fans through numerous Midwest, Southwest, and East Coast journeys as well as legendary hometown venues including Chicago’s House of Blues and Metro. They’ve shared crowds with Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, MGMT, The Eagles, Drive-By Truckers, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, hellogoodbye, Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound, Dawes, Smash Mouth, Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, Saints of Valory, The Roots, ZZ Top, Brendan Benson, GIVERS, and Thievery Corporation.

Vintage Blue (video release)

Vintage Blue is the new venture of this five man rock and roll show. This new venture lives up to its title, intending to be characterized by excellence and enduring appeal. What you will hear with Vintage Blue, is a well-reasoned mix of classic rock structure deftly blended with more modern rock overtones, creating something new and stirring for the rock n' roll fan.

After spending much of the band's short history touring the US (with stops in L.A., Seattle, Austin, Portland & Chicago), lending their music to TV & quickly earning a reputation for their haunting arrangements & blistering live performances, Milktooth returned home to Nashville, TN to record their sophomore EP, Wild Before Our Eyes.

The young indie rock band's sound has been hailed as "mesmerizing" by NPR, "vast & unexpected" by New York Minute Magazine & "infectious" by The Dallas Observer & has drawn comparisons to such critical darlings as The Walkmen, Arcade Fire & Wild Beasts. Wild Before Our Eyes was produced by Tom Laune (R.E.M., Alex Chilton) & mastered in Montreal, QC by Harris Newman (Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade).

Antony & The Tramps

“We call it American Gypsy, because it wanders but isn’t lost. Its a tramp, you can’t get lost when you’re in love with where you are.”

Formed in 2011, songwriter/director Antony Ablan began his search for a band–a group of musicians that could handle, with grace, the wildly eclectic and dynamic changes in mood of his writing. “It was several months of working with all sorts of great players before I found the right fit. When it clicked it was so obvious to me, I knew these were the right musicians, it finally worked.”

The virtuosic group developed quickly. “Once it clicked, things moved fast,” says Antony. The band soon found themselves headlining Chicago’s most notable venues, from Schubas to Lincoln Hall, to The Empty Bottle. They embarked on their first national tour in the fall of 2011, earning notoriety for their explosive live shows all the down to Texas and back. Swinging from gentle sunshine ditties to wild soaring epics, to dirty garage floor american gypsy, The Tramps had come into their own.

Upon returning to Chicago, full of fire, they began recording their ambitious debut album. Over 6 winter months, the band created a completely independent, full length album. Its not a studio album, and its not a live record. Making use of portable recording gear they were able to record anywhere, at any time, with unbound freedom to experiment with sound for their anticipated debut.

“We had two guiding concepts for this album,” Antony says. “We wanted the texture to be ‘wooden-electric’, and we wanted the narrative and imagery to be a ‘movie for your ears’. The band brought on engineer Matt Livensparger to realize their vision. Matt recalls: “When he called me at 4 in the morning to tell me the album needed to sound wooden-electric, I knew exactly what he meant. Antony came to me with concepts, textures, feeling, scenes for this album, but he isn’t a technical person, so I stepped in to make those ideas into sound–the mic placements, the room choices, and so on. He’d direct the music and musicians with imagery and emotion, never musical or technical terms. I was there to capture these amazing musicians performing.”

The band recorded the album like making a movie, choosing locations to suit the scene. Enormous recital halls, warehouse hallways, cavernous train underpasses, intimate bedrooms, tiny closets. “We weren’t stuck in the studio trying to fake it, we could choose the room like choosing an instrument, and it affected the musician, it evoked something in us that inspired the music, inspired the scene we were recording,” Antony says.

The result is stunning debut for the Chicago band. A full 63 minutes of original music that takes the listeners through wide open prairie scenes, bustling big-city streets, ragged American-gypsy grooves, intimate soulful pleas, soaring climatic instrumentals, and for the final moment of the album, a heavenly a capella choir that sends the listener endlessly upwards. The album is captivating journey from start to finish.
“Its been an incredible process creating it, both in its challenges and finally, its success. None of us have created anything like this before,” says Antony.

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