This winter, Tim Stop will release his debut album called 'Songs of Separation', and the title couldn't be more apropos. It seems there are separate and opposite forces constantly struggling in all aspects of his music. It is at once intensely personal and unmistakably universal. Moments of immense sublimity follow others of extreme intimacy. Often times, playful rhythms will set the background for serious, somber lyrics. And although Tim's music is distinctly his own, his songwriting on both guitar and piano harken back to the artists who have inspired him over the years - Billy Joel, Dave Matthews and Coldplay, to name a few.

Fifteen years of classical piano training and three years of writing and performing constantly around Chicago find Tim Stop ready to make a leap into the national music consciousness with 'Songs of Separation'. Joining him on that album is nationally-renowned drummer Khari Parker (Beyonce, Joss Stone and Jennifer Hudson) and Danny Leake (sound engineer for Stevie Wonder).

Trick Shooter Social Club

The Trick Shooter Social Club is a place tucked just behind the beat.

It is a tiny dusty corner of the world where music is timeless instead of soulless.

It is a belief in the power of story and the sublime hip sway of a well placed middle eight.

It is cat gut, and pick guards, and hand scribbles, and nods across the stage when it's time to go to the bridge.

It is acoustic... and electric... and reverent to its heroes... and of the now.

It is a collection of artists, gypsies, showmen, shaman, and curious travelers trying to get it right.

But most of all... it is an invitation. Join us... won't you?

Mike Mentz is a pop/rock singer-songwriter and traveler from Nashville by way of Chicago. In love with traveling, Mentz's sound and lyrics are shaped by the always-changing world around him.

Named “One To Watch” in late 2012 by the Nashville Songwriters Association International, Mentz is frequently hosted as a featured songwriter at the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

From living in Paris playing guitar on the banks of the Seine in between crepe breaks to years of international touring through the Caribbean, Baltic, and all over Western Europe, Mentz has gotten a good jump on globetrotting.

He has performed in over 25 countries, and his last 15 recorded songs were written in 12 cities including Chicago, Paris, Cozumel, Helsinki, Dublin, Barcelona, Tallinn, and Nashville.

With a lot more to see, Mike is focused on connecting with fans all over the world and taking his tunes to cities both foreign and familiar.

Miss Remember

Children of the rock and grunge era, Miss Remember is a brew of delicate melodies, intriguing harmonies and dirty guitars. Impressionistic male and female vocals contribute to this gritty musical machine, evoking a dichotomy of love and loathing. Each song has it's own character that will make you move or stop you in your tracks.

Miss Remember began as a band called Treehouse while studying music at the Chicago College of Performing Arts in 2008. What began as an acoustic student project has transformed into a harder electric sound brought forth by dedicated musicians who have honed their individual instruments and simply "strive to write good songs".

jim tashjian - guitar, vocals
leslie beukelman - vocals, keys
martin stonikas - bass, percussion
pete tashjian - drums, percussion

$5.00 - $8.00


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