The often amorous, and occasionally frightening NOBUNNY (one word, all caps) has been captivating audiences of dedicated fans and new believers since Easter 2001 (the day Joey Ramone died). Born in the desert outside of Tucson AZ, Nobunny started as an animal Elvis impersonator before deciding to try out his hand at songwriting. The raucous rabbit's music is a intoxicating concoction of all the rights and wrongs that make up the heart and the soul of real rock n roll. Songs that sound as though they were written at the Brill building by a punk rock mutant back from the future. Some batshit brilliant bullshit.

Inspired by the honesty of contemporaries like Mike Hunchback, the DIY aesthetic of early Thermals and Nobunny albums, and all the poppiest melodies of her favorite singles, stoned songwriter Colleen Green creates the original pop soundtrack to all the days you spend in a daze.

Green's strength is in application and in doing so she builds a familiar sound; at the same time it's unlike anything you've heard before. Her songs run the gamut in musical styles, from Ramones rip-off pop punk to dreamy stoned drone to getting-ready-for-da-club-shit.

One thing that's for sure: she's a songwriting phenomenon. She sings lovely, catchy, fuzzy songs that range from 80s pop goulash to psychedelic drone; from 90s power punk to homemade Sebadoh-style songs of heartache. Think of her as a sort of female Daniel Johnston, with her at home making comics, armed with a seemingly unlimited amount of well-composed songs, her lamentations on out-of-reach love, her self-medication, her bedroom recordings. She proudly displays her musical heroes' influences on her sleeve. She plays live shows alone on stage with only an electric guitar and a drum machine to accompany her.

The Monster Women

Hailing from the Northern-most tip of California, the Monster Women gals and guy list their influences as: B-52's, Shangri-Las, Duran Duran, Brigette Bardot, Serge Gainsbourg, Velvet Underground, David Bowie, & Blondie etc. Is it eye?... or do 'dem logger towners know ho to get freaky yo?

The Shanghais

The Shanghais' unique brand of loud, fast, girl power seamlessly blends the punk aesthetic of the Ramones, the bubblegum harmonies of The Little Girls, and a dash of blue-eyed soul into an unforgettable, utterly danceable sound that will have even the most jaded concertgoer tapping his toes. Stripped-down arrangements are the proverbial cherry on top of the power-pop sundae with which The Shanghais bring a much needed dose of summer straight from their garage to the breezy Bay Area that they call home.


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NOBUNNY with Colleen Green, The Monster Women, The Shanghais, plus DJ Aya Papaya

Sunday, September 8 · 8:30 PM at Rickshaw Stop

Tickets Available at the Door

Combo Pack for show/meet & greet