The Stars of Kalarachi - South Asia meets South Brooklyn

The Stars of Kalarachi - South Asia meets South Brooklyn

Leading figures in the worlds of Yiddish, Indian and Pakistani music come together for a night of cross-cultural dance grooves and trance-continental harmony. Featured artists include Frank London, Deep Singh, Zeb Bangash, Michael Winograd, Sarah Mina Gordon, Jeremiah Lockwood and more!

Frank London's Klezmer Brass All-Stars' Klezmer-Bhangra Extravaganza ft. Deep Singh

Indian and Jewish music collide! TrumpeterFrank London of the Klezmatics joins master percussionist Deep Singh in presenting a new look at old traditions. The connection between Jewish and Indian culture is a long one, with roots stretching back to biblical times. The concert will explore both the ecstatic and the meditative aspects of Jewish and Indian music, and will feature songs by Malkit Singh and Moyshe Oysher. Songs will be sung in Yiddish, Punjabi, Hebrew, Hindi, and English.


In the early 19th Century, before the trasformation of Israel, the deterioration of the old traditions of Yiddish and East European Jews, and the migration to the new worlds in search of new beginnings, there was a notorious band known as "Di Shikere Kapelye"- " The Inebriated Orchestra" (Also known as the "Band of Drunks"). A goup of musicians that gave birth to the soul of Klezmer and gave Klezmorim their imperishable bad reputation. There is very little information that is solid fact behind this story, however the few facts we do know come from either oral accounts that were passed down through friends and families of perhaps, the original band members, and from court records of irate clients and rigid governments who pressed charges against the wild band. They were often asked to perform but never invited to stay, perhaps due to the spontaneous musical collaborations in the main plazas of various towns after all the bars and pubs had closed. As the group became known more for their rebellious behaviors rather then their musical talents, many members separated from the original band and formed new bands that mixed dizzy sounds and undefined dances. Their far-reaching repertoire became a strong influence for the future of klezmorin.

The original styles of klezmorim, have failed to surface until a number of extraordinary brass musicians were brought together by Frank London. The group of musicians met in "New York City's Knitting Factory" bar to combine their knowledge, history and talents and create magical sounds together. They threw back several cocktails in memory of the old traditions and uncovered secrets and tales of the incredible lost sounds, creating "Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars".

Zeb Bangash and Michael Winograd premier!

Pakistani pop sensation Zeb Bangash, and Brooklyn based Klezmer clarinetist Michael Winograd, along with an ensemble of New York's most adventurous musicians, introduce a brand new collaboration of ethnic proportions. With the help of the Map Fund and the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, this new group threads sounds and cultures, music and languages. (Zeb Bangash - vocals, Michael Winograd - clarinet, Eylem Basaldi - violin, Patrick Farrell - accordion/keyboard, Yoshie Fruchter - guitar, Benjy Fox-Rosen - bass, Matthias Kunzli - drums)

Bombay Rickey

Bombay Rickey might be the soundtrack to a 1960s Bollywood noir film, or perhaps to a spaghetti western that never existed. Ennio Morricone and Yma Sumac, exotic dance rhythms, coloratura soprano, surf guitar…

Need we say more?

Kamala Sankaram: vocals, accordion
Drew Fleming: guitar, vocals
Jeff Hudgins: alto sax, vocals
Gil Smuskowitz: upright bass
Timothy Quigley: percussion

$12.00 - $15.00


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