Vince Zangaro

Vince Zangaro

Atlanta musician Vince Zangaro is a man with a musical mission. After his dad was diagnosed with Alzheimers, Zangaro left his corporate job to care for his ailing parent. The lessons within this dynamic have re-inspired Zangaro's love for music and his natural songwriting abilities have blossomed. Zangaro pens
story-songs about his struggle to understand his father's Alzheimers and the challenges they face together. Life themes of addiction, illness and survival surface in Zangaro's songwriting. Joined by some of Atlanta's top musicians Jason 'Lefty' Williams of Lefty Williams Band & Revival an Allman Brothers Experience ,Matthew Trautwein of Bill Gentry Band, Karma Lingo 2.0 and The Lost Boys,Anne Marie Perry & Doug Meyers of Green Bracelet, Jason Blaauw and CJ Duane. Zangaro's music is often compared to Dave Matthews or Red Hot Chili Peppers. A stunning vocalist, Zangaro sounds much like Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgin. Zangaro's musical mission is to promote Alzheimers awareness and bring hope and help to the disempowered and misunderstood.

Zangaro is also writing with many other artists and looks forward to sharing all his projects with his supporters.

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