Matthewdavid, Jel, Serengeti


Matthewdavid is a man flying forward into the world of wow and flutter. His ears are keenly tuned to all around sound signals. His "high waistline" dublab sessions are a splendid spectrum of cassette sources, nature notes, fuzz hugged-beats and far-out folk. Matthewdavid's creative output is always expanding through offerings via the dublab DJ collective, Brainfeeder label/collective, PooBah record store/label, and his lovingly curated label Leaving Records.

Listening to the hey-days of hip hop while growing up in Chicago, Jeffery Logan, better known today as Jel, adored the pioneers of his youth. Now living in Berkeley with the same SP-1200 beatmachine he started out with, Jel is making some of the grooviest electronic cuts around. Piling smooth rhymes over his unique beats, Jel has collaborated with the likes of Mike Patton and Sage Francis, contributed to several different projects, and drops considerable amounts of knowledge on today's generation.

Serengeti's music is a sharp departure from most mainstream hip hop, which he considers "depressing" and always consists of "the same redundant ideas." His music includes numerous references to Chicago culture often done in character as one of his several personae. On the title track of his album Dennehy, Serengeti assumes the role of "Kenny," a married man who loves Chicago Bears and Chicago White Sox with a thick Chicago accent reminiscent of Bill Swerski's Superfans. The track makes numerous references that would be well known to a Chicagoan, including the radio station WCKG, polish and Italian sausage, Tom Skilling, Mike Ditka, Dave Corzine, Portillo's Restaurants and "The Super Bowl Shuffle."

In an interview, Serengeti said he created Dennehy as an "answer to common complaints about hip-hop" and "to put the fun back in hip-hop." Although the album helped him garner a large fanbase, Serengeti's other albums explore different genres of music from garage rock, electronic music, underground hip hop and experimental hip hop.



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