What started out as five kids playing music just to have fun has
quickly evolved into what we are today, a serious band waiting to take
on any challenge or adversity we're faced with. With numerous shows
under our belt, huge festivals such as Warped Tour 2011 and BLED Fest,
a demo, and a new EP entitled "Sleeping Sickness" released on April
19th, 2011, its safe to say we are here to stay. To leave our mark on
not only the local music scene but expanding to as many areas as
possible. In hopes of bringing something new to metalcore in 2011 and
the future with the aggressiveness and maturity of our music. This is
what we love to do, expect nothing less than us moving forward with
relentless actions and passion in everything that we do.

Sound The Ruin

Entirely DIY.
Texas Chaos for a better world.



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