FREE SHOW! Cuckoo Chaos, QUITAPENAS, Mojo Stone, Fools Gold (DJ Set)

Cuckoo Chaos

On the fringes of the southwesternmost corner of culture and smart in these United States, Cuckoo Chaos is the Richard Nixon of disco dancing. Cuckoo Chaos is the Henry Ford of Dada. Cuckoo Chaos is the John The Baptist of cunnilingus. The Pontius Pilot of lamb skin condoms. Cuckoo Chaos is a nice, firm ass in the palm of your hands. Cuckoo Chaos is a tarred and feathered Hugh Hefner screaming at something… you know what I mean. Cuckoo Chaos is not milk. Cuckoo Chaos is the rusty trombone you’ve always wanted. Cuckoo Chaos is the Rasputin of children’s birthday parties and the Richard Simmons of carpet bombing. Cuckoo Chaos is the Nobel Peace Prize of bukkake.


QUITAPENAS originates from the neighborhoods of the Inland Empire in Southern California. Influenced from music and cultures from all around the world, they bring their own unique interpretation and sound to Afro-Latin music. Made up of a collective of good friends, the band hopes to "take away worries" and share their warm Cali sounds.

Formed in and around some of Southern California's finest open mics, dive bars and dorm rooms, Mojo Stone is a barn-burning, sweat-pouring, old-school five-piece rock n' roll band. Harnessing and re-contextualizing elements of folk-rock, rockabilly and soul in the service of a full-frontal rock assault, the group's incendiary live show has entertained audiences in venues across the country; from Oakland to Texas, Los Angeles to New Mexico. Mojo Stone released their debut E.P., "Hatchet," in 2011, and a second E.P., "Strange Honey," is forthcoming. Stay tuned for new music, an updated tour schedule, and various other shenanigans.


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