Teen Daze

he Inner Mansions is the second full length record from Teen Daze, and also his second of 2012. The album is a collection of songs that were written between the months of May and June 2012, and they are his most introspective and moving to date. Where his debut, All Of Us, Together, evoked feelings of a futuristic, electronic utopia, The Inner Mansions focuses inward, both thematically and sonically. This is an album of spiritual and musical journey, and features some of Teen Daze’s most captivating songs.

"Carousel is an up and coming electro-pop trio based in Brooklyn, NY.
The three Berklee College of Music graduates have created a unique sound that combines the drive of electro with the melodic sensibilities of pop. Since the release of Carousel's debut single, the band received immediate attention from blogs all across the web, including the Hype Machine where they charted on the "Most Popular Page" with every release.

In their short existence the band has had the opportunity to tour with canadian singer, LIGHTS and open for great bands such as Neon Trees and Civil Twilight. In mid-July, Carousel plans on releasing their second EP entitled, The Sound of Summer."

Camp Counselors

Kyle Reigle usually makes clouded dream-pop love under the extremely fitting moniker Cemeteries.

Recently, the soon-to-be Chicago resident was heavily inspired by Memory Tapes‘ 2012 LP Grace/Confusion, and decided to conjure up a lower-pressure, electronic-focused project called Camp Counselors. The latest single “Attean” features a bewitching vocal take from Erin Fein of Psychic Twin, which syncs up perfectly with the faded, haunting glow that hangs overhead.

He’s currently putting the finishing touches on a full-length album titled Huntress, set to release sometime this month via Kyle’s own digital/cassette label, Snowbeast Records.



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