The Beat Harvest

The Beat Harvest

Introducing the band with the plan to get you through the thick of it, man...

The Beat Harvest brings the funk and groove back to your reality with some barbecue sauce on the side. With the combined forces of the skin-tight, pocket grooves in the rhythm and the sonorous, complimentary horn section, an assured night of fun will be had by all! So come by, and have enjoy yourself with The Beat Harvest!

Julian Hartwell Project

Julian Hartwell is a pianist, composer, and music teacher based in Philadelphia PA. His original music could be described as "jazz", "nu-jazz", or more fittingly, simply "original music" amalgam of the many styles/influences that have informed his playing through the filter of experience and "the times".

ill Delta

ill Delta is an eclectic, electric trio based in Philadelphia. With influences ranging from hip hop, to jazz, to house music, they pride themselves on making music for the musician and particularly the non-musician. Expect dancing, head bopping, and a grand old time.



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