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It’s not surprising that Stay+ admire David Lynch and Kraftwerk for the control they exert over themselves and their work. For this reason Stay+ have collaborated closely with M/M (Paris) on their logo design and with Daniel Mason (WARP 20, Spiratualized, Primal Scream etc) to design and package the Fever 12” in a rubberised PVC sleeve.

Daniel Martin-McCormick aka Ital chops and skews classic house/techno through a liberating and unique soundworld. His tracks are panoramic, labyrinthine constructions that channel the dystopian visions of Drexciya and the industrial explorations of Chris & Cosey while never straying too far from a 4/4 mindset.

As one half of Thrill Jockey/Not Not Fun act Mi Ami Daniel brings a euphoric post-noise aesthetic into play, continually distorting, filtering and panning different channels to create amorphous, boundary-blurring productions, where voices from the ether and melted synth washes soar across the the soundfield. Dancefloors across Europe have been smitten by his tactile live set, from underground basements to festival mainstages as his sound/performance is a RUSH.

Ital has found a natural home on Mike Paradinas's wonderfully prolific bass haven Planet Mu (Rashad & Spinn, Kuedo, Konx-Om-Pax). New album Dream On was released in Autumn 2012, hot on the heels of his Mu debut Hive Mind, which drew praise from all quarters (see quotes below), and before that a run of 12"s on 100% SILK and his own Lover's Rock imprint (including a killer remix from kindred spirit Hieroglyphic Being). A new 12″ is due on Kassem Mosse's Workshop imprint shortly.
Recently he has been accompanied on tour by visual artist and Brooklyn warehouse party promoter Aurora Halal (Innergaze/100% SILK/Mutual Dreaming), takes dancefloors deeper with her synched up hall of mirrors projections. Bringing an arsenal of analog video equipment and cameras, she performs a live, super saturated and cosmic interactive video feedback immersion, combined with lights and fog.


On its acclaimed self-titled debut, Light Asylum takes the synth-pop sound of '80s groups like Depeche Mode and develops it into something new. It's not an easy feat, considering how often that sound has been copied and mimicked, especially over the past decade during brief fads like the electroclash trend.
The difference is Shannon Funchess. A fierce vocalist, she shouts and bellows with stentorian intensity, making Light Asylum seem thrillingly dangerous
Originally raised in Seattle, Funchess moved to Brooklyn in 2001 and spent the next decade contributing vocals to a variety of bands, including TV on the Radio, !!!, Telepathe and Teengirl Fantasy. Light Asylum began in 2007 as a solo project, with Funchess collaborating with other musicians.
Light Asylum solidified when Funchess met multi-instrumentalist and producer Bruno Coviello, while the two toured in support of another Brooklyn artist, Bunny Rabbit. "We realized we had similar interests and influences in our taste in music," she says before rattling off a list of industrial and darkwave bands they like, including Front 242, Cabaret Voltaire, Ministry and Clan of Xymox - as well as house music producers like Frankie Knuckles and Green Velvet. "I found someone I could actually write with," she says.

Light Asylum's debut was released in April. The lead track, "Hour Fortress," is dedicated to Billie Holiday and other black musicians in the early 20th century who were resigned to being "artists in a racist country." Its most explicitly political track is "IPC," which stands for industrial prison complex; more subtly, there's "At Will," which is a call to "kill our ego" and stop asserting our alpha dominance over others.

Evan Michael (DJ Set)

A regular amongst the Brooklyn circuit, Evan Michael has his hands in a host of various dance related entities. As a promoter for the budding Williamsburg indie and electronic music venue, Cameo Gallery, he's also a main editor for the blog Brooklyn Bass. Expect his sets to be filled with rare grooves found in the basement of Greenpoint's The Thing to contemporary Deep House classics from labels like Local Talk and FINA. Whether it's playing gigs alongside the likes of Justin Miller, Marcos Cabral, Anthony Naples and Madteo, Evan adjusts his playlist to what he sees fit and keeps the crowd moving. Check out his monthly podcasts via Brooklyn Bass as well as insights on the latest disco and house releases.


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