Digg is a unique and progressive fusion of rock, blues, funk, and jazz, offering the listener a wide and diverse range of material all within their distinctive sound. Inspired and personal songwriting, a high level of musicianship, and a wide range of well chosen, well executed covers come together into a high-energy live performance that has audiences needing more, resulting in a steadily growing digg family. Catching their stride, digg has a busy summer schedule with dates all over Colorado and they are not to be missed.

Will Crossland - Guitar and Vocals
Chase Gillespie - Sax and Vocals
Aaron Sandry - Drums
Jesse Darrow - Bass

Cold River City

Cold River City brings a unique passion for music that is evident in their energetic and heart-felt live performances. Their music is funky and fun while strongly influenced by the rhythms of reggae music. Cold River City loves to draw from sounds across the musical spectrum, from delta blues to hip hop and even electronica. The result is a dynamic but cohesive groove that is guaranteed to make you dance.

Better Than Bacon

Better Than Bacon is a Rock 'n' Roll band based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.

In a musical age of smoke-and-mirrors musicianship and snake-oil salesmanship, this band moves the Rocky Mountains with a throwback formula: passionate performances featuring scorching electric guitar, well-crafted songs with substance and soul, and a thumping rhythm section to match any mood.

The word is getting out and the reviews are rolling in...

"As the name suggests; bold, savory, greasy and full of fatty substance. It’s good old-fashioned Rock and Roll, with sides of funk, soul, and blues all sautéed in psychedelic jams. Hailing from Fort Collins, these boys know how to serve up a beat fit for any musical palate." - Colorado Music Buzz

"Overall, the entire album is a well-constructed journey that has an intriguingly classic tone - mixing elements of blues, funk, soul, rock, psychedelic and jam with sizzling guitar, Better Than Bacon, plays like a band straight out of a bygone era" - Music Marauders.com

"With gritty lyrics, funky and soulful melodies, full-on rock and roll guitar licks and overall musical talent, the band reminds me of a Widespread Panic type - this band does not disappoint, as their soulful southern jams satisfy the same tastes as their greasy namesake" - Mousike Magazine

"A more old-school approach of trying to honor the spirit and emotion of the music" - Vail Daily

"The show was a rocking spectacle with the right amount of give and take, with attention to songwriting and crafting great music." - Music Marauders.com

Karl Ziedins acoustic on the Patio



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