Free State Review Poetry Reading: Issue #2 Summer 2013 Launch Party **All Ages Matinee**

Free State Review Launch Party

From the Editor's Note:

"Why crustaceans? Animals whose bones are outside their bodies, who molt their skeletons during lunar phases, and who scavenge necrotic tissue to get their three squares have all sorts of stories to tell. Put a love song and a crab and a wooden mallet together and you’ve got a combo with some big hall swing. Add some potato salad and you’ve got poetry. Sure, we hunger for quality as much as anyone else, and we feel a special delight in discovering outstanding new writers of prose and poetry, but we also just love the whole great mess of literature, the conversation and beer and spicy salt and lemon wedges of it."

The featured poets are Rupert Wondolowski, Leslie F. Miller, V. P. Loggins, Sandra Ramirez, Dan Ferrera, Shevaun Brannigan



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