Sham is a suit-clad duo from Brooklyn that blends blues, funk, soul, rock, and jazz to create a sound like infinity: unhindered, timeless, and so true to the human spirit that anyone from anywhere can love it. Sham’s all original sound evokes memories of The Doors and The White Stripes from high-energy rock jams for dancing and moshing, to mellow soulful ballads that recall Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. Their passion is palpable as they radiate onstage and captivate audience with thumping bass, crashing drums, squealing guitar, grooving piano, and belting harmonies. The two men behind Sham are Brett Benowitz on guitar and bass, and Damian Hudson on drums and keys. Both men sing, write, and command the stage with ease being veterans of theatre. Rightfully so they bring mystery and wonder to their songs by donning masks: Brett a golden mask of Comedy, and Damian a white mask of Tragedy. With two men, two suits, two masks, and one infinite sound, Sham is unstoppable. Shall we Sham? Sham we Shall.

Omega Sirius Moon

This Post Progressive Rock energy cross pollinates with delta blues, hip-hop, emo-grunge and jazz. As if that wasn’t enough, a lovely balance and heavy influence of native percussion instruments gives this project a uniquely tribal feel. On the new indie EP, The ANTIHERO Project, OSM returns to fans a more evolved musician. The Brooklyn based heart throb introduces us to her unapologetically brutal and beautifully abrasive guitar stylings, while flaunting her effortless ability to write vividly wilding epics that take the listener on an other-worldly journey through the heart and mind . OSM contends that this project was written for ”the REBELS & ROMANTICS of the world” yet maintains that ever present OSM theme of Esotericism, Divine Mathematics and of course, Magic. Currently touring state side and abroad.



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