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Freelove Music School provides individual instrumental music, piano, singing, guitar, group classes, workshops and more to local musicians of all ages, instruments, and skill levels.
Our mission at the Freelove Music School is to create a close-knit culture of families, friends, and colleagues bonded together by a love and passion for music. The school strives to provide a fantastic facility for both the teachers and the students. We aim to start strong, invite the community to join us, and expand with great fervor.
The Freelove Music School is a music school unlike any other. With an outrageously talented staff and a feeling of connectedness through music, this school has a fun atmosphere devoid of stuffiness and strict musical guidelines. The mission of the Freelove Music School is to invest in the finest professional instruction, facilities, and instruments while maintaining a balance of merriment and wonder.

Representing the best of Oakland every single day!!!!!!

$7 adv - $10 dos


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