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"This group of New York natives play a prog-rock take on shoegaze, melding complex time-signature shifts with waves of reverb and distortion. While they're definitely devotees of shoegaze legends like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, suā's songs rise above their influences to become something more relevant in the music landscape. Catch them before they take off."

Isle of Rhodes

Isle of Rhodes was founded in the spring of 2011 by front man and keyboardist Rob Farren. Farren, who had previously played keys with Aphonic (of Detroit), and synth bass with Kiss or Kill decided that he would like to strip his rig down to one keyboard: a Rhodes. An eclectic choice for an instrument, the Rhodes is a vintage keyboard with similar circuitry to an electric guitar. The Rhodes was made famous by the work of soul and funk artists, such as Stevie Wonder, and Bernie Worrell. Farren, influenced by that sound, focused on creating a contemporary rock version of Rhodes playing. Using all analog gear, including tape delay, distortion, wah, and phaser pedals, Farren has sculpted a sound evocative of a three-piece guitar band. Featuring Colin Behram on drums, this two-piece band, has garnered attention for its flowing melodies and huge sound, drawing comparisons to bands such as The Shins, The Magnetic Fields, and Radiohead.

In 2010 Pam Autuori and Jacob Schreiber found themselves living as next-door neighbors. After months of listening to one another practicing through the wall their apartments shared, they came together to form XNY.

Pam was from the East Coast and already working on her solo career, having opened for Ani Difranco, The Hush Sound, Ryan Cabrera, The Cab and more. Jacob, the West Coaster, was studying jazz and had romanticized the life as a starving jazz musician. Together, they would create the perfect balance of genres both on and offstage with their complimentary personalities translating into the chemistry of each performance. XNY quickly caught the attention of fans, including Brooklyn Vegan, Filter Magazine and Nylon.

Their first release, Through The Wall, is a tribute to how the two members got to know each other long before ever meeting in person. Pam uses her guitar to lay the foundation for each song, over which her lyrics- more poetic than lyrical- let you drift into your head and into your own world. Jacob speaks through his drumming, and mimics Pam's words – the drums not only provide support but also reflect the emotions of each song on the album.
XNY breaks the boundaries of genres.

They have managed to combine passion and simplicity into a sound that is both unique and palatable. XNY challenges experience and in return creates their own.

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