Ezra Furman and his band, Tristen, Victory

Ezra Furman and his band

Ezra Furman started writing songs. Then he broke up with his longtime sweetie and formed a blistering rock and roll band called Ezra Furman & the Harpoons. They made albums: Banging Down the Doors (2007), Inside the Human Body (2008), Moon Face (2009), Mysterious Power (2011). And they played some really great shows. They even became popular overseas.

Then Ezra went solo. He holed up in the attic and made The Year of No Returning, released it in 2012. Right now he is one of the best songwriters around. He rocks, he connects, he haunts and he kills. He plays fantastic shows all over the place. He's one of our finest rocknroll fools, heart open wide and fangs bared. Keep your eyes peeled, ladies and gents, because he's far from finished.


Tristen is the 87th most popular baby name in the United States, and has been consistently among the top 1,000 names given to baby boys since 1971. From the Old French Tristran, which is from the Gaelic Drystan, a name derived from drest (tumult, riot). The name was borne in medieval legend by a knight who was sent to Israel by King Mark of Cornwall to bring Isolde back to be the king's bride. On the return trip, Tristan and Isolde accidentally drank a love potion intended for the king and fell in love. Tristan left to fight for King Howel of Brittany and, seriously wounded in battle, sent for Isolde. She arrived too late and died from grief next to Tristan's deathbed. The tale was the subject of many popular tragedies during the Middle Ages.


Victory Is Music is the debut LP from Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Robert Fleming. The LP was recorded, produced and written by Robert Fleming in his bedroom and his makeshift recording studio using his DIY aesthetic. It features Joey Waronker (Atoms For Peace, Ultraista, Beck) on drums and is mixed/mastered by multiple-Grammy award winning engineer Chris Testa (Rick Rubin, Butch Vig).

Victory is a pop hit factory who finds beauty in the everyday noise of the city, and art in the conflict of the day.

$10.00 - $12.00


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