Thurston Moore's Chelsea Light Moving

CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING is the current group led by Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore. He is the songwriter and plays over-amped hyper electric guitar and sings with raw-glam-destructo vocals. The band is a four piece featuring Samara Lubelski, who has played violin with TM on his last two solo LPs (Demolished Thoughts and Trees Outside The Academy) and with CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING plays deep psyche pop metal bass guitar. Keith Wood, who records under the aegis Hush Arbors, plays electric guitar with a pick forged from angel wing and John Moloney, aka "Pegasus", approaches the drums like an asteroid hurtling toward Earth. The first CD self-titled was recorded in two spurious sessions with engineer Justin Pizzoferrato in Sone Lab, a killer studio in Easthampton MASSACHUSETTS. The band is ready to detonate any birthday party, wedding or hullaboo in any country, planet or stratosphere that doesn't support right wing extremist NRA sucking bozo-ology.

Birds Of Avalon

In a 1906 essay, Ernst Jentsch describes someone to whom something "uncanny" happens to as not "at home" or disoriented. He defines the word as "doubts whether an apparently animate being is really alive; or conversely, whether a lifeless object might be, in fact animate." Having spent the better part of the past two years on the road with the likes of The Racontuers, The Flaming Lips, Black Mountain and Ted Leo, BIRDS OF AVALON are no strangers to the sense of unsettlement that accompanies the constant traveler. BIRDS OF AVALON explore this concept of confusion with Uncanny Valley, by layering psychedelic dissonance atop lyrical themes of fugitives in the computer age, underground-dwelling children replaced by doppelgangers, and sensations of unreality.

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