Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad (PANDA!) is a quintet from Rochester, NY. Their psychedelic roots reggae album "In These Times" made iTunes Best of 2012 list. Over the past six years, PANDA! has performed 800 shows, put out a collection of live albums, and released a roots Americana record titled "Country" (2012).

"The band’s five masterful musicians weave layers of complex music within a reggae framework and may be one of the most diverse bands in the genre." – JamBase

Kings & Comrades

Originally formed in 2006, as two-piece acoustic outfit consisting of singer, songwriter Jeff McCaughey and drummer/percussionist Steve Morris, the band has grown and evolved a lot since their early days. The band added members on bass, guitar, and percussion and began recording demos and playing shows. Kings and Comrades have played many venues in the Philadelphia area including World Cafe Live, and headlining The Trocadero Mainstage. After a hiatus that has seen members move on and pursue new avenues, the band reformed in the summer of 2010 with Dennis Stolle on Bass and Brandon Paster filling out the sound on Keyboards. The band has high hopes for 2010-2011 and will be recording a brand new EP at the highly-esteemed Studio 4 right outside of Philadelphia this November. With the release of the new cd, Kings and Comrades will begin playing shows and touring this upcoming holiday season and winter...stay tuned for some brand new music, the band is very excited about the coming months. One Love.

44 Steady

A reggae rock group heavily influenced by blues, funk, and soul, 44 Steady, combines electronic and analog noises with catchy soulful singing to delight fans of all ages. After spreading their music through free downloads and tirelessly playing venues, bars, and house parties in New Jersey/Philadelphia area 44 Steady's debut full-length album will be out August 2013. Growing up together in Moorestown, NJ the band has been crafting their sound for several years combining several different influences while striving to sound new and engaging. Lead singer and guitarist, Casey Buote, has a distincly expressive voice with a mellowing attitude for songwriting. Driven by the strong driving rhythm section featuring John Graziul's colorful hard-hitting drum beats paired with sensual buoyant baselines by Issa Aji. Finally Rob Kimmel is the double threat constantly switching between lead guitar, lively organ bubbling, and ambient synthesized sounds. 44 Steady has built a devoted group of fan base on the east coast and has been featured on bills with Ballyhoo!, The Movement, Three Legged Fox, Keith Harkin, Pasadena, Tsunami Rising, Pacific Dub, and Kings & Comrades.

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