John Brannen

John Brannen

John Brannen is "one of those universal rockers whose road-weary songs and hard-bitten heroics have made him and unflappable journeyman along the rock 'n' roll highway," so says music critic Lee Zimmerman.

Hearing Brannen's music takes you below the Mason Dixon Line, meeting distinctive characters that define his emotional journey as a dyed-in-the-cotton son of the South. Born out of the beach clubs and surf bars, Brannen's songs, style and voice resonate far beyond southern culture.

Brannen's grassroots popularity prompted music executives to take notice in the mid 1980's. Rock icon, Joe Walsh, heard Brannen's tape, they forged a friendship that would lead Brannen to Los Angeles, and in 1987 he signed with Apache Records. His 1988 debut album, "Mystery Street" landed him on the cover of Billboard Magazine, and the single, "Desolation Angel" was MTV's "Hip Clip".

Brannen was later picked up by Mercury Records in Nashville which broke him out on a three-act tour with Toby Keith and Shania Twain. His three most recent albums have been under the Sly Dog label based out of Detroit. Brannen has released five critically acclaimed records spanning genres from rock to country to Americana. His songs have been recorded by the Eagles, Richie Havens, Johnnie Rivers, Tom Rush, Jack Tempchin, Kevin Bowe and Reba McEntire. Brannen's first single, "Desolation Angel" was a Top 20 record and he has continued to stay on the music charts ever since.

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