BoomBox consists of two versatile producers, DJs, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and longtime friends Russ Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux. Together they develop an electronic blend of vintage Rock and Blues made to move dance floors while incorporating their signature Backbeat, Psychedelia and Funky House sounds. Applying a multi-track platform, they are free to create their hybrid style on the fly with a rhythm that moves fans and opens them up to Godchaux and Randolph's overall vision. Derived from the rich musical history of Muscle Shoals, AL, to the psychedelic rock and underground electronic scenes of the west coast, their unique approach can only be achieved by the blending of sound and culture.
BoomBox's first release, Visions of Backbeat, contained the breakout song "Stereo" that built the foundation for their rapidly growing fan base. After years of steady touring and honing their sound, they released their sophomore effort, downriverelectric, and was hailed by critics as a progressive follow up effort. BoomBox are continuously working on new releases, using a blend of programming and live instrumentation with both members on drums, Randolph on keys, and Godchaux on guitar, bass and vocals.
Each live show is unique to the venue and the crowd, who are the driving force of the rhythmic BoomBox experience. "It's all natural, it's all in real time, and that's why it's Rock 'n' Roll", says Godchaux. Traditional set lists are never created prior to shows, instead, BoomBox chooses the music based on the atmosphere, to create a one-of-a-kind experience for fans. Randolph adds, "We just want to go out with no game plan. That way it's fresh for us, and we can follow the energy of the crowd. We're down to get down, and we hope that people are down with us."


Annatomic first fell in love with electronic music in the early to mid 90's by being introduced by several DJ friends who frequented Raves and clubs in Chicago. Some of her favorite places were The Shelter, Berlin, Crowbar and Red Dog. About 13 years ago she started dabling in DJing and acquired her first set of technics and started gathering records. She has now been DJing out in clubs steady for the last 8 years where she held a residency in Racine, WI spinning Hip-hop, reggae, R n B and House, in Milwaukee, WI she opened for Alexander East at Bad Genie, Fortune at Crave and performed at other various events around town. In 2012 she relocated
Springfield, IL and has started to network with other local "House Heads" to try and get the house movement sparked up again, you may have caught her opening for Boombox or DJing on Saturday Night Mixlab on 88.3 WQNA. Her favorite genre will always be house music, particularly tracks that have a funky percussion, sexy vocals and any/or any other nuance that makes hearts flutter and hips shake!!!!! Quote from her, "I LOVE DJing because it gives me freedom to move people through music and a creative outlet to spread positive energy and passion."

$12 in advance. $15 at the door ($3 minor surcharge)


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