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Another Life Spared

ANOTHER LIFE SPARED is a Metal/Hard Rock/Alternative band from Brevard County, Florida; which started in 2010 by crushing metal vocalist Will Hayes, melodic vocalist Jennifer Perez, along with guitarist Cody Byrd and drummer Kevin Stricker. Along the way they picked up lead guitarist Dillon Tuttle. A few months later, ALS parted ways with there original drummer, and in August 2010 welcomed Kevin Ruffo to the family. Running as this line-up into 2011, ALS kicked it into high gear sharing the stage with many influential local bands. Then in March 2011 they welcomed Vaughn Mobley on Bass which turned the band into a 6 piece. During this time, Cody Byrd parted ways with the band, and in April 2011, Greg Moir was welcomed to the family as rhythm guitarist.

Filling out the current line-up, they are on a constant pursuit to improve themselves musically, and personally through hard work, and dedication towards their art. Through this hard work, they've had the honor and privilege to play with national acts like: SALIVA, COLD, HED PE, SPINESHANK, DIECAST, PSYCHOSTICK, MACHINA, STRAIGHT LINE STITCH, MOTOGRATER, ALLELE, EYE EMPIRE, EKOTREN and VENTANA, as well as many great local acts.

Along the way they have discovered a musical insight and differences that each members brings to the table. The journey has had its share of ups and downs, yet, the name, the sound, the vibe, has brought savage smiles to the faces of many. If not for ALS's dedicated supporters, none of this would have been possible and the band would have not thrived or gotten where it is today. Look for ALS around the local scene. As a group they work to be better as individuals. As Another Life Spared, they strive to succeed.


RAZORZ EDGE was formed by founding member MAD RED in July of 2010 and in Sept 2011 added SHAADOW to it's lineup.....looking to make the blood shed... RAZORZ EDGE comes together to take this world by storm....We continue to build the legacy of the dark side.

RAZORZ EDGE is considered a horror movie brought to life, featuring a very theatrical story-telling performance, that will blow your mind.

RAZORZ EDGE is for the person who faces Negativity everyday, for the person who has to deal with the bullshit that people bring into there life, for the person who needs an outlet to let out aggression, rage, and hatred.

No need for a pity party here minions, Razorz Edge is for the person who believes they can do whatever they wanna do in life and has the guts to stand up for themselves and push through all the negativity regardless what people say.

We have shared the stage with: Insane Clown Posse, Nonpoint, Straight Line Stitch, Motograter, Psychostick, Almost Kings, (HED)PE, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, DJ Clay, ABK, Mushroomhead, AMB, Critical Bill, AJAX, Mr.Yug, Stgyian, Final Trigger, Kottonmouth Kings & others.

We have played the following venues: Hard Rock Live (Orlando, FL), Firestone Live! (Orlando FL), Floyds Music Store (Tallahassee,FL), Alley Katz (Richmond VA), The State Theatre (St.Petersburg), Jack Rabbits (Jacksonville FL), Brewsters Pit (Jacksonville FL), The Ocean Club (Jacksonville FL), Liquid Scrips (Longwood FL), Plush Nightclub (Jacksonville FL), Baroos Beachside Bar (Melbourne, FL), Levelz Nightclub (Melbourne FL), The Sport's Page (Satellite Beach FL), The Cameo Theatre (Orlando, FL), The Backstage Lounge (Gainesville, FL) & more...

RAZORZ EDGE is here to take over the world, one soul at a time.



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