JoDee Purkeypile

When JoDee Purkeypile decided to pursue a solo career after his band, The Alice Rose, ran its course, he saw no need to give himself a mysterious pseudonym or odd nickname. When you’re born with a name as distinctive as his, Purkeypile notes, why would you? And with a new album titled MESSENGER (Feb. 19, 2013), it makes sense to let people know just who that messenger really is. Purkeypile also has heritage to consider: Though he was raised in Austin, he was born in Lubbock, where his father, Dee Purkeypile, played organ with Jesse “Guitar” Taylor, Joe Ely and Jimmie Dale Gilmore. And Dee’s musician great-grandfather was a master of many instruments.

But don’t expect to hear the usual Texas twang in Purkeypile’s music. His influences emanate from more distant locales — most notably Seattle and the United Kingdom. Captivated early on by both ‘60s British invaders and grunge, he adapted a sound that’s part power pop, part rock riffage and part Beatles-meet-Kinks on a sunny afternoon.

Silver Ships

Conceived in July 2010 by multi-instrumentalist Chazz Bessette, Silver Ships is a dedication to carefully crafted home recordings and live shows showing a true dedication to good musicianship and well executed shows. Silver Ships will be awaiting community fund-raising to release the full length LP in 2013.



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