Gamble Gamble Die

Gamble Gamble Die

Fusing sounds from noisy experiments such as the pixies, talking heads, and sonic youth, with pop songs born in the belly of the devil himself. Gamble, Gamble, Die harnesses the ability to enlighten, entice, enrich, and, most of all, confuse your ear with the beautiful sounds of bodily explosions, exacerbating your internal life clock with thoughts of the after-death. They could be your musical spirit animal.

Not Sure. Not Yet.

We are a Bay Area band in need of getting the music in their head out to the world.

Don't Touch Me

we're two dudes that used to be in other bands some with each other some without each other and now we have this band that makes great music which you will enjoy and it's great and it's fun and its catchy and it's weird and it's everything everyone wants it to be. i promise.

$6.00 - $8.00

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