RPE Duo, Elves, Personnel

Matt Postle; trumpet/VCS3
Radek Rudnicki; live electronics

...explores interaction between trumpet and live electronics, exposes how limited material can be entertaining and evolving. Electronic grooves are combining hip-hop with techno, dub in experimental manner. Trumpet is giving acoustic vibe to the performance. Improvisations slowly evolve in time into dense noise or fragmented pieces. None of the material is scored however each electronic sound is carefully crafted.

A musical outfit from Charlotte, NC

Personnel is the result of adventurous open-minded collaboration between Jason Michel, David Bullard and friends. A playground to explore strange sonic territories without inhibitions and mostly without any preconceived idea. Whether experimenting with modern compositional forms or just seeing what sounds they can squeeze out of whatever’s in the room, the end performance is always wild and free. As are you upon experiencing their recordings.



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