TRAPEZE Bass & Burlesque 5-Year Anniversary Party!

TRAPEZE Bass & Burlesque 5-Year Anniversary Party!

The West Coast’s infamous bonfire of bass and burlesquerotti celebrates their feverish 5 Year Anniversary with a full tilt filibuster of phantasmagoric flesh and rakish rag-step electro. Los Angeles Vaudevillain Duke Skellington and local libertines Limbs Akimbo cross streams with Trapeze thunder bunnies Delachaux and The Klown for a monster release of new compilation ‘Quadrofiendia: The Sounds of Trapeze, Vol. 4’. Las Vegas glamour grenade Valerie Stunning, Olivia Bellafontaine, Mojo Deville, Jain Dowe, Jay Bee, Gabriela Starchild, Miss Emma Nation and those fabled fiends & floozies Fou Fou Ha!


Tickets Available at the Door

ADV TIX $10/ DOORS $15. There's a 6 ticket limit for this event per household, customer, credit card number and email address. Patrons who exceed the ticket limit can have their order cancelled automatically and without notice.

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