Scarub (of Living Legends)

Scarub (of Living Legends)

When he wasn't watching Yo MTV Raps or Pump It up, Scarub, like many other L.A. hip-hop heads, grew up listening to the all hip-hop radio station, KDAY. It was during these early years that Scarub first gave himself the name Quaz (The kid who did), and later Mudd Foot, before settling on Scarub as his mc moniker. Scarub first hit the stage during an 8th grade talent show and he hasn't looked back since. As a student at L.A.'s Hamilton High, Scarub hooked up with fellow students Eligh and Murs and the trio formed the 3 Meloncholy Gypsy's or 3MG. Scarub like the rest of 3MG eventually made the move up to the bay area where he hooked up with Mystik Journeymen and was put down with the Living Legends crew.

The Living Legends crew is a family of independent hip-hop creators. From primary earth bases in Los Angeles and Oakland, the Legends extend worldwide and beyond.

It all started with BFAP (now known as Sunspot Jonz) and PSC (Luckyiam), who laid claim to the name of Mystik Journeymen in the early 1990s. By '94 they were locally legendary for throwing Underground Survivors shows, houseparty style at their loft - 4001 San Leandro Street in East Oakland. That's where the Grouch hooked up with the Journeymen in 1995, just before they took off on their renowned first European tour.

Around the same time in the southern part of the state, Mid-city Los Angeles to be exact, 3 Melancholy Gypsys (Murs, Scarub & Eligh) were part of the almost mythic Log Cabin crew going back to 1993. Log Cabin later broke up and the Gypsys wandered separately. As it turned out, the 3 would cross paths again in the Bay Area and became Living Legends.

Aesop came to Oakland from Fresno, Arata from Osaka, and Bicasso from various points, East, West and elsewhere...

In 1999 the Legends shifted their center of gravity to Los Angeles, but their presence has definitely not diminished in Oakland and the Bay. You know it makes no difference where they stay because the universe revolves around them anyway. Over the years, the Journeymen and the Legends have rocked Europe, Japan, Australia and Canada numerous times, plus they've toured the USA, north and south, east coast, west coast and beyond ...

In the years since the Legends have continued releasing solo and crew projects and now have a catalog of over 50 full-length albums and numerous singles. All in all, this crew of motivated do-it-yourselfers has sold over 200,000 albums collectively. The latest crew album "Creative Differences" has turned in to their best selling album to date, (with Soundscan numbers just under 23,000 so far) and continues to sell. Other recent releases are from CMA (Grouch & Luckyiam), Scarub, and Sunspot Jonz. New projects by Eligh, 3MG, Bicasso and Aesop are expected in 2005. March 8, 2005, will see the release of the Legends highly anticipated new album "Classic," a project the crew got together to record earlier this year. That was the first time in recent memory all 8 members were together with the purpose of recording a new project and what came out of those sessions is definitely their strongest material yet. Expect to see them spring 2005 coming to a city near you on tour promoting the new project. The group has no plans to let up, they're only turning up the fire, see if you can keep up. Legends Baby!!!!

Black Pegasus

Robert Houston II was born on March 24, 1980 in Germany where his father was stationed with the US Air Force, and lived in Arizona, Florida and New Mexico before his family settled on the Southeast side of Colorado Springs when he was age ten. He is from the Woodside Townhomes section in Colorado Springs. He is of mixed African-American and Mexican descent, hence the title of his fourth album, The Black Mexican. He open enrolled for high school and attended Widefield and Mitchell High School, and began rapping when he was sixteen, soon performing and working in his early days under the name Yo Mamma's Pimp. He worked with the group Fusion of Syllables (F.O.S.) for two years before going solo in 2001. Black-P has released five studio albums (Black Pegasus, Knuckle Up, F**K YO RADIO, The Black Mexican, and Black By Popular Demand), two mixtapes (Black P The Mixtape, and Shitting On the Industry Vol.1), and one collaboration CD (Banana Spitz) with Liquid Assassin of the hip hop group Grave Plott. His new album Brass Knuckle King was released in 2011, and featured guest appearances by Immortal Technique, Liquid Assassin, and Kutt Calhoun. Black P is also currently working on a collaboration album entitled "The Council", which will consists of Black P, King Tef, Hypnautic, and Johnny Rocketz. Black P's seventh studio album, "Yo Mamma's Pimp", is slated for a 2012 release as well.

Professor Greenhouse

We are rock n' roll.

Loaded 45

No Coast Punk 'N Roll

Pickster One

Arizona-based DJ and music producer Pickster One has been making waves on the Tempe and Phoenix scene since his arrival in 1998. With his forward-thinking and highly innovative DJ sets, he has put himself into a genre all his own and has developed an incredibly diverse fan base. Pickster One takes influences from a broad scope of musical genres including Hip-hop, Electro, Dubstep, and countless other experimental, electronic genres to form a new-school, high-energy set that rocks the party and keeps the dance floor packed.

Pickster One, a.k.a. Dusty Hickman, born to Jerry and Mercy Hickman of small town Prundale, California, population 7,000 just outside of Monterey. With limited access to entertainment and music as a child, Pickster recorded music off the television onto his boom-box, listening to it over and over again on his headphones, sometimes late into the night while others slept. A natural-born music selector and collector, Pickster quickly began adapting his musical tastes to the booming Boom Bap style of the hip-hop culture in the late 80's early 90's.

Post high school, Pickster left the sleepy town to pursue and receive a degree in culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, Arizona. He made the move with his long time pal, Ricardo, and it allowed him to quickly jump into the DJ scene to further develop his skills as a blooming Hip Hop and Scratch DJ. Pickster quickly began cultivating his skill while rubbing elbows with Phoenix and Tempe heavy-hitters.

As a leader in innovative style, Pickster quickly began to form one of the first ever "turntable bands" entitled Morse Code in the late 1990′s. Made up of 4 DJ's, the bands concept was to create the individual sounds of a traditional band through scratch composition and sampled beat patterns which ultimately evolved into a perfect musical backdrop for MC's to rap or sing on. Morse Code blew away the competition with its truly revolutionary rhythmic sounds—the first of its kind. Performing constantly around the nation, Morse Code quickly became an international act as they were asked to perform at the Disco Mixing Challenge (DMC Battle) USA Finals in 2004. Morse Code performed as featured special artist, performing a tribute set to legendary Jamaster Jay of Run DMC at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, in front of a sold out theatre.

Pickster also got the opportunity to play alongside the 8 piece live Hip-Hop band called, "Drunken Immortals". 8 years, 3 Full length albums, Multiple National US Tours, and a few run down RV's, Pickster developed his ear and skills to be able to play along with live musicians as a DJ/Turntablist. No longer with the group. Pickster continues to collaborate and work with all the members of the band, Including Dumperfoo and Scott White which are in Crusher Sound System.

In 2008 Pickster was inducted into the world renowned "Furious Styles Crew". FSC known for their world class B-Boy crew wining compitions all over the world since 1993. Joining the ranks of legendary Arizona DJ's such as DJ Z-Trip, DJ Element, DJ Radar, DJ Senbad and more.

Pickster earned his stripes as a solo artist through the highly competitive AZ rave, warehouse, and club party scenes throughout the 2000's. At the time, Arizona was notorious for its DJ's, who sometimes literally pushed others off stage during their set performance, if the DJ so much as took too long to change records mid-set. Surviving massive competition during this time, Pickster One persevered and was further able to develop an even wider spectrum of music to pull from. Today, he can rock any kind of party at any given time.

In 2005, Pickster began touring the United States on a much larger scale, doing fifteen tours as a solo act playing clubs, festivals, and warehouses, and often as the house DJ for touring Hip-Hop Acts . Some of these tours included "We Book Our Own Tour" with Los Angeles-based MC 2Mex that reached fifty US cities in sixty days. In 2009, Pickster took his career overseas to Europe DJing with Crusher Sound System, in Paris, St. Etienne, Lyon, Nancy, and Le Mans, France. He performed in Grenada, Barcelona, Malaga, and Seville, Spain as well as Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland, Praug, Czech Republic, Dresden and Berlin, Germany, and Athens, Greece. Pickster also performed at the infamous SXSW music festival in 2009 on the "Strange Famous Records" stage with 2mex, Free Moral Agents and Sage Francis. The performance was such a success, he was quickly booked to make widely successful 2009 Strange Famous Megamix, a Record Label Sampler that was officially put out by XLR8R magazine. To date the colorful musician has over twenty full-length mix CD's under his belt as a turntable-artist.

Over the past 10 years, Pickster has taken on numerous weekly and monthly club events including the longest-running Arizona Hip-Hop club night, The Legendary Blunt Club. Other events include the newly-spawned dance night, Move Somethin, Solstice, Downtime, Ill-Matic, and many other nights. In 2009, Pickster revamped his creative style and hit the electronic music scene like a Cat 5 hurricane. Playing hundreds of rave events and festivals, Pickster continues to tear up the Phoenix Electro and House dance scenes with his Hip-Hop/Scratch roots to party rock, pop wheelies and often brings something new to keep his fan base strong in the ever-changing electronic dance scene. Just this past year, Pickster shared the stage with Z-Trip, Bassnectar, Glitchmob, A-Trak, Diplo, Santigold, and Rusko, to name a few.

In 2007, Pickster began his latest side-project group, entitled Crusher Sound System, which gained widespread acclaim in 2009. Crusher is a DJ-based outfit which delivers centrally as DJ based turntable beats, mixed with live drumming, keys, samplers, and drum machines while keeping it fresh with live canvas painting on stage. Crusher Sound System has certainly hit the ground running with instant local success, selling out their first handful of shows in Arizona. The band has seen their fan base literally double each time they have played, even before having an official album release. Be sure to check them out in 2010.

Pickster One, a revolutionary beyond his years, never misses a chance to lead others into new sounds and musical genres with his kaleidoscopic range of musical taste and innovation. Pulling from a variety of musical backgrounds and genres, Pickster fully embraces the high speed and physto-ADD attention span of his listeners while adhering to the challenges and bends of a changing market in a tumultuous and rampant musical scene. The big pay-off to him is not only a successful show or a good time, but the essential DJ experience of creating a scintillating playground for senses, while controlling the vibes of the bumping crowd. With his eye on the future, Pickster One is heading into 2010 running, hitting the club, electro, bar, rave and music festival scene with never-ending positivity, mold-ability, creative light, and changing approach to rock electronic-based dance music like it has never been rocked before. With open ears and eyes this DJ is certainly one who will be making waves, and we can't wait to watch, listen, and respect.


When it comes to pulsating, heart pounding beats, that change as quickly as the molecules around you, Doctype brings the sound. Dark, driving, and ultimately hot, Doctype never ceases to create an atmosphere and listening experience that is as mind blowing as it is memorable and relatable.

Extra Kool & The Monster Men

super sexy with semi sweet raps. what more do you want? a member of the dirty laboratory. and one half of many side projects, such as "the grimies"(ek and time) "teem geezus"(ek and awareness) "optik fusion embrace"(ek and satyr) and "the creature from the whack lagoon"(ek and doctype)

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